Wednesday, February 26, 2014

2 Months

Two months (and three days)

Yay! Two months!
Also, as a side piece of information, we took her to the doctor a couple days ago and she is 12 lb even (just less than double her birth weight!) and 22.75 inches


Smiling when she sees us!!  It is the best thing ever.  It's crazy, she really does know us from other people.  Our landlord & his family came to visit when she was sleeping and woke up when his wife was holding her.  When Jenna realized she was being held by a stranger she jumped so bad and had this look on her face that...well, it was probably the same face that I would make if I woke up being held by a stranger.  It was awesome.

Interacting with toys!  This has been a total blast.  Stacy & Andrew got her these little jingle bugs to hang on her carseat and the first time she saw them she could not stop smiling.

She sleeps 9 hours a night pretty consistently.  I am so. ridiculously. lucky.

Actually starting to work at tummy time instead of laying face down and completely immobile until we finally give up and flip her over.  I was really sure for a while that she would just kind of skip over the crawling phase, move straight to walking, and go through life with zero upper body strength.

My Favorites
Waking her up and h
anging out with her in the morning.  She's super happy and just smiles at everything.

Her's just so cute!  And often lacks conviction, as seen in the video.  Even when she got her vaccines, she let out the huge wail that lasted for maybe less than a minute and then just stopped the second I picked her up.

Her sad face

Which brings me to my next point...I love that she is pretty much instantly comforted when Jacob or I pick her up.  All it takes (most of the time) is putting her up over our shoulders and she immediately relaxes.

Her tiny feet

Doing stupid stuff like make it look like she's dancing or riding our dog.

Dressing her up in ridiculous(ly cute) outfits, like as a football for the Super Bowl or like a cherry just because...

I think her face says it all
Her Favorites 
Kicking her jingly owl and staring at the green bird in her play gym


Mom & Dad

Tia and Zio!!

Babies can projectile poop.  While Jacob was changing Jenna's diaper, she pooped and it shot out at least 3 feet.  Most of it hit Jacob, but there was some carpet evidence to show how far it went.  Thank goodness for Resolve. (Note: I did not get paid for that endorsement...but I probably should've been)

How quickly her brain develops!  It's like one day to the day you really don't think she can recognize you and then literally the next day she smiles whenever she sees you.  It's crazy.

Other Notable Moments
Mastering the Moby wrap...sort of...I felt like a total baller cleaning the house with this thing on and then checked the mirror and all of a sudden felt like a total idiot.  Practice makes perfect I guess...

Looking Forward To...
Being able to make her laugh!!