Thursday, November 12, 2015

Juliette: 1 Month

Age: 1 month
Milestones: I mean, all of the obvious firsts...first cry, first poop, first trip to the grocery store (more of a milestone for me than for her, probably), umbilical cord falling off after less than a week (because she's advanced, obviously), and MOST gloriously that she has gone 5-6 hours between feedings overnight a few times.  It's marvelous to only have to wake up once during the night.  It was really tough for the first few weeks. She spit up a lot so I was always afraid of her choking overnight and it felt like she cried anytime we set her down...we ended up sleeping with her on our chests almost every night for the first two weeks which a) is definitely not AAP sanctioned and b) while it is so snuggly and fun, is not actually particularly restful.  BUT after a few weeks, we figured out that we weren't bundling her up enough, so she was crying because she was cold. #parentingfail   She sleeps great now though...
My Favorites: When she smiles at me!!!  Sometimes it's just gas, but I think she really does know me and smiles when she sees me.  She has the cutest little coo when I smile at her. And I love her dimples!!
Her Favorites: Being held, hearing me and Jenna sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (it gets a smile every time), baths, being swayed back and forth, being in the swing, and being practically buried in blankets.  
Surprises: How fast time has gone!!  She already holds up her head so well knows who I am and has things that she likes...I forgot how quickly that all happens.  Also, girl is NOISY!!!  She just grunts and growls and makes all kinds of noises, even when she sleeps
Other Notable Moments:  Her first Halloween!!  The girls both had cat costumes, which Jenna was obsessed with and Juliette didn't poop or spit up on so I can only assume she loved them as well.
Looking Forward To...: Oh, everything.  Each stage is so fun and I'm just enjoying the one we're in right now.
Both sisters are experts at throwing shade
Burrito Baby
Holding her first thing!