Friday, November 29, 2013

36 Weeks

How far along?  36 weeks
Total weight gain:  33 really I'm like TWO stuffed turkeys!
Maternity clothes?  Yes, and Jacob's clothes.  His hoodies are longer and who decided boys clothes should be so soft?? It's almost not fair.  They have it so good... 
Sleep:  Lots of naps this week, which is a-ok in my book!  Better get them in now!
Best moment this week:  Seeing the second Hunger Games movie!!  So good.  Jacob and I haven't been to the movies in FOREVER and going to Alamo Drafthouse is always tops (Fried pickles? Sure!)

Miss Anything?  Being able to stand purely of my own volition.  Jacob has to help me up most of the time these days.  Nothing makes you feel more lovely than having your husband hoist you up with both hands from behind like a stubborn zoo animal.  Bonus points if he adds sounds effects. Also, being able to stand up or sit down silently.  I don't know if it's just a bad habit or because I weigh 33 extra pounds, but I can't seem to do anything anymore without an audible "oof!" coming out of me.  Super attractive.
Movement:  More hiccups, poor girl.  She gets 'em for like an hour every day. Plus she does this awesome thing where she pushes her feet against one side of my stomach and her back against the other feels like my stomach is about to bust open.  Now I know what they mean by "about to pop!" and it's not nearly as adorable as they make it look on those popcorn containers. 

Food cravings:  Thanksgiving foods, duh!  Good thing those cravings are about to be satisfied in full!
Anything making you queasy or sick:  No, and I finally was able to use nail polish remover AND paint my nails without gagging!! Thankful for the little miracles
Have you started to show yet:  Yeah, "Big Girl, You are Beautiful" by MIKA is pretty much my theme song these days.
Gender:  Girl
Labor Signs:  Other than being larger than life?  Nada.  I'm 0% dilated and she hasn't even dropped yet (my lungs are getting their fair share of snuggle time).  Totally fine, since I'm still a month away from my due date, but I'm definitely getting more and more ready for her to be born. 
Belly Button in or out?  Status unchanged.  Still flat with the little overhang.
Wedding rings on or off?  Off
Happy or Moody most of the time:  Is nervous an option??  I think this conversation with my mom pretty much sums it up...

Mom: How are you feeling?
Me: Um...really nervous.
Mom:  It's ok, everyone goes through childbirth.  It is what it is, and then it's over!
Me:  No, not that!  I'm nervous about the actual PARENTING part!  The having to take care of a baby part!
Mom:  Oh...yeah.  Yeah that's legitimate.

Haha sometimes, there's just nothing you can truthfully say to comfort a person and the best answer is, "Yep.  You probably should feel that way."  Mom knows how to keep it real.

Looking forward to:  Thanksgiving!!! Jacob's cousin Ryan is coming to visit and I can't wait for all the great family time and good food!!!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

35 Weeks

How far along?  35 weeks...ahhh it's getting so close!!!
Maternity clothes?  Same old same old...a couple of pants and tank tops.  Luckily, my wardrobe already had plenty of cardigans so I wear those all the time.  Really, my outfits don't look that different compared to pre-pregnancy.  They're just filled out a little more these days :)
Sleep:  I've been sleeping great, except that I've been waking up randomly around 4:30 every morning.  This makes me super thankful for four things: 1. My Kindle (I just keep it under my pillow these days)  2. Friends that work odd hours and can text me  3.  Coffee and 4. That I'm not teaching full time anymore.  Tired teacher = crabby teacher and I for one am thankful not to have to subject 200 students to that on a daily basis.  And that I can take naps like all the time, which is lovely.
Best moment this week:  Stacy and Andrew having little baby Asher!!!! He is CRAZY cute and I can't believe my sister has a baby!  One of the weirdest things about getting older is seeing people you know so well start to have babies...and then seeing their babies actually LOOK like them!  I know that's how DNA works, but it's still such a freaky feeling.

Hello, you cute little thing!!!
Also, our birthing class was the JAM last night as we basically just practiced being relaxed.  I'm not sure if it will actually help me during childbirth, but I felt like I had just been at the spa.  That's probably what it's like giving birth, right?  Yeah...
Miss Anything?  Cold pepperoni.  I know that's weird, but now that we're getting into the holiday season, you can't go anywhere without one of those little meat and cheese trays and I am SO sad that I can't partake in that deliciousness!  Soon and very soon..
Movement:  This morning she had the hiccups for a crazy long time.  She's only had the hiccups once before, but I was listening to music and for some reason I just thought she was kicking with an incredible sense of rhythm.  Soo...instead of a musical prodigy, I'm getting a child with a spastic diaphragm.  Ah well, you can't win 'em all.  She also had a TON of fun at the pre-Thanksgiving party we went to this weekend.  Delicious food, great people, and fabulous holiday tunes...what's not to love?  She was dancing like CRAZY during all of the Thanksgiving songs!  Yeah, you heard me right.  It just wouldn't feel like Thanksgiving without those classic Birkeneder Thanksgiving carols!  They sounded awesome with the whole band performing...great job Moriah 3!

Food cravings:  The usual suspects: milk, peanut butter, bananas AND [getting into the holiday spirit]...PUMPKIN PIE! :)
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Ugh, yes.  That evening queasiness has started to come back.  No vomiting yet, but oy. Also, for the record I've had round ligament pain like whoa.  For those of you who don't know what that is, it's basically shooting pains in your lower abdomen whenever you move too quickly...or in my case, 60% of the time you walk anywhere.  It's pretty much awesome.
Have you started to show yet:  Yeah...I was subbing yesterday and they have you stand in the doorway to shake hands with all the kids as they walk in...only I couldn't fit in the doorway AND have the kids walk by without knocking into the belly.  Embarrassing.  I'm definitely starting to feel like a bit of a whale.
Gender:  Girl
Labor Signs:  None, I don't think.  She needs to cook in there a little longer!
Belly Button in or out?  Still have that weird overhang thing going on, but I think it's starting to even out a bit?  Hopefully?  Thank goodness I'm having this baby in December and not during swimsuit weather.  The world doesn't need to see this.
Wedding rings on or off?  Alas, still off.  I hope I'll be able to start wearing them soon
Happy or Moody most of the time:  Mostly happy...sometimes nervous, sometimes crabby, but mostly happy :)

Looking forward to:  The holidays!!!  We're having a mini Thanksgiving here and then it'll be time to decorate for Christmas!!!!  Tis the season and I can't WAIT to get my tree up!!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

34 Weeks

How far along?  34 weeks
Total weight gain: Well according to the doctor, 33 pounds.  However, my appointment was later in the day and I had just eaten a big breakfast so I weighed myself again this morning and it was only 31 so...I'm going with 31.
Maternity clothes?  Yes, I love the maternity jeans!!  Still haven't been able to use my Bellaband though since my regular jeans are still MIA.  This is my life now.
Sleep:  Pretty good.  I've been having a lot of crazy dreams, which sometimes results in more restless sleep than restful I think.  Some of them have been really good though...or I thought they were anyway.  Example: I had a dream one night that Jenna was moving around and pushed her head against my stomach so much that you could actually hold it and see the outline of her ear.  I LOVED that dream because it reminded me that there's a real baby in there with ears and stuff and that I'm going to get to hold her so soon!  When I told Jacob about the dream, he made a face and said that it was really weird/creepy.  Haha ah well...agree to disagree
Best moment this week:  Four things (I'm starting to think I need to have a separate blog post for my favorite moments of the week.  Or I just need to start keeping a diary). One, my shower this past weekend.  Oh my goodness, SO. MUCH. FUN.  The girls worked so hard on it and I really had a blast!!  

Obviously, I couldn't stop laughing.  We're skinny posing here.  It is clearly not working on me lol
Two, Jacob set up the crib this weekend.  There's no mattress yet, but I just keep looking at it because it's so pretty and I love having it up!!! 

Three, we had our first Getting Ready for Childbirth class yesterday!  The class itself was really helpful and I can't wait for the next three sessions (especially next week when the dads learn how to give the moms massages. Um, yes please.)  Mostly though, I loved it because I started to realize that I'm going to actually be having this baby pretty soon!  I have good and bad feelings about that, especially since we watched a bunch of videos of people giving birth and they did not look happy.  BUT then I reminded myself that I'll be getting an epidural and I felt slightly better. Then they passed around a tray showing what 10 cm dilated actually looks like and I felt slightly was a roller coaster, really. 
Um...oh my gosh.
Four, Jacob planned a surprise date up to the Lost Maples State Park.  We got to walk around looking at the beautiful fall colors, have a little picnic, and just spend time together as a two-some (three-some if you count Raven!) before Jenna comes!

Miss Anything?  Still my brain.  I was sitting on the toilet earlier this week and couldn't remember if I had actually gone yet or not.  For real, my memory is THAT bad.
Movement:  She's moving a LOT more lately, which is a lot of fun and also sometimes weird

Food cravings:  [I like to ate ate ate] Apples and bananays
Anything making you queasy or sick:  The carsickness is starting to come back a little bit...not NEARLY as bad as it was before though, so I'm thankful for that
Have you started to show yet:  Whoa baby, have I.  While my belly has not [yet] been a magnet for strangers touching me, it has been a magnet for lengthy and very personal conversations with strangers.  I literally had a samples girl following me around a chocolate shop saying "AWWWW!!!" every time I moved.  I'm not kidding, she said it at least 8 times.  Normally, I would be happy about a person with a tray of chocolates following me around everywhere but in this case I couldn't wait to get away.  There are only so many ways that you can respond to perpetual (and GROSSLY undeserved) adoration like that from a stranger.  Anne Hathaway, is this what it feels like to be you?
Gender:  A little lady
Labor Signs:  None lately...I did feel quite a bit of downward pressure at the end of the day Friday, which made me nervous but my doctor said it was probably just gravity because I'd been on my feet so much that week
Belly Button in or out?  It's less of a halfsie now and more of a flat pancake with a fancy awning, like at a bistro
Wedding rings on or off?  Off
Happy or Moody most of the time:  Happy

Looking forward to:  Getting the nursery completely set up!!  We still have some gear left to buy, but for the most part we're ready to dive in and get everything settled!  We're almost ready for you, Jenna!!!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

33 Weeks

How far along?  33 weeks
Total weight gain: 28 just keeps climbing!!  We also got a prediction for Jenna's weight...right now based on her size they're guessing she's 4lb 4oz...lucky skinny biotch (kidding).  Although if she's anything like me, she'll looks like she's 4lb 4oz but will actually weigh almost twice that much.  I've always been dense like that...MOST importantly, it looks like she's right on time for a Christmas Eve delivery, as predicted!  I know every mother and doctor is going to laugh at this, but I really think she's going to be right on time.  I just have a feeling this is a very punctual baby.
Maternity clothes?  Yup.
Sleep:  Deeply and often!
Best moment this week:  Seeing Baby J on the sonogram!! Holy crap, she has gotten SO big!  Her head alone pretty much took up the entire screen!  But it was just so cool seeing her little face and her feet tapping....the doctor also said that she has some hair already so I guess that accounts for the heartburn I've been having.  I playfully asked her if she could tell what color it was and she said "Yes, it is black and white."  Lol what a jokester. 

Miss Anything?  My brain!  I read an article that said "baby brain" happens because your brain is literally rewiring itself and so different things are getting unplugged and replugged, etc.  Well, I'm pretty sure my brain was like, "Wow, we have a lot of work to do here. Let's just start from scratch" and just unplugged everything at once because it was seriously like...lights out from one day to the next.  Example #1...I went to court for that ticket/warrant that wasn't my fault, spoke to the judge, walked out and spoke to Jacob and was like, "It went so well!" and he was like, "What did he say you have to do?" and....nothing.  Totally blanked.  Had no idea.  Had to ask the clerk at the desk because it was like the last 10 minutes of my life had been totally erased.  Thanks baby brain.  Example #2...a friend gave me a Bellaband which I was really excited about because it meant I could try to wear some of my old jeans.  So, I open my drawer to grab a pair jeans.  I look through ALL my drawers jeans.  For real, guys...does anyone know what I did with my jeans?  I'm assuming I thought I wouldn't be able to wear them for a while and just...relocated them all or something but I really don't remember doing that and it's been over a week and I'm about to file a missing pants report with the police.  If you have any information with where my jeans are, please let me know.  Did I leave them at your house?  I'm serious.
Movement:  All the time!  I love it!

Food cravings:  Apples...THANKFULLY because there was a plethora of them at my (BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL) shower this weekend! I couldn't get enough!  Plus, it was just a really precious time with some very special people...combine that with all the amazing apple stuff and it doesn't get much sweeter than that! Banana cravings are also back in full force and I am having a serious love affair with milk...I think I personally went through a gallon in less than 3 days.  Jacob was like, "Didn't we just buy milk?"  Yes, we did.  Now please go get some more.
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Not so much
Have you started to show yet:  Oh yes.
Gender:  Girl...although the European kiosk man at the mall yelled after me, "Eet's a boi!" as I walked by.  When I told him it was a girl he said, "Ahhh...I knew it! I knew it!"  Did ya, pal?  By the way, I purposely wear my hair curly and no, I will not let you straighten one piece of it so I can walk around the mall looking ridiculous for the rest of the day.  But thank you for the free hair serum samples.
Labor Signs:  I think I had a couple of Braxton Hicks contractions the other day because I was laughing so hard at my dog.  I need a life.
Belly Button in or out?  Still rocking the awkward halfsie.
Wedding rings on or off?  Off
Happy or Moody most of the time:  Happy! 

Looking forward to:  So many things...Asher being born ANY day now, eating the leftover apple things from the shower, subbing later this week at my favorite campus, and our LAST baby shower being thrown this upcoming weekend by my friends from work!  I can't wait!