Friday, June 20, 2014

6 Months

6 months!!  Halfie Birthday, Jenna!!
ROLLING OVER!! She finally rolled over for the first time on May 27!!!  ...and then rolled over for the second time on June 19 haha...easing into it, I guess.  The first time, I had laid her on her tummy because she had poop all up her back and I was going to try and wipe it off so I could change her without making a mess.  I turned to grab the wipes and when I turned around again, she was rolling over!  So much for not making a mess, but I was so excited I really didn't mind!  The second time, she rolled over while she was taking a nap.  My parents were here for that one, so it's fun they got to "witness" that milestone.

She is SOLIDLY sitting up on her own now!
This isn't technically a Jenna milestone, but I'm back to my pre-baby weight....not that you could tell because I'm still COMPLETELY squishy.  Apparently, sitting on the couch eating eggless cookie dough for 9 months makes you lose muscle.  Who knew?  Surprisingly, I'm not too concerned about it.  I won this FANTASTIC postpartum workout DVD (on my birthday, of all days!) so I'm trying to tone up a bit.  It's cool that I'm using candles instead of the 5/10 lb. weights she recommends, right?

My Favorites
How easily she falls asleep (most of the time)

She kicks her legs like windshield wipers when she gets excited...I don't have a video of this yet but desperately need to.  It is hilarious.

How she flaps her arm up and down and grabs her ears when she's tired.

Baby grins & chubby cheeks!
When she watches us chew and moves her mouth like she's chewing something too.

When Jacob makes up songs and has Jenna "dance" to them.

Her Favorites
Her bouncer
Chewing on her feet.

Chewing on toys.

Chewing on my fingers.

Chewing on...pretty much anything she can get her hands on.


Playing and cuddling with her grandparents!!
How I am soooo not tired of looking at her cute little face yet :)

Other Notable Moments
Jacob's first official Father's Day!
Looking Forward To...
Visiting Illinois and having Jenna meet the rest of our family members!!