Friday, August 12, 2016

Juliette: 10 Months

Age: 10 months
Milestones: She can stand AND she can get up without pushing off or pulling on anything.  She goes from the floor to standing totally hands free, which I can't even do some days.  I SWEAR she took her first solo step, and even if she didn't, she's been using the kid chairs as walkers allllll over the house.  She can also now climb up stairs, drink out of a cup, and wave...that happened at Dini & Gramps house.  We were across the yard and as Gramps started walking towards us, Juliette started waving to him.  It was SO precious!  She also tries really hard to say Jenna, and does it pretty well sometimes!
My Favorites: Her laugh!  It cracks me up everytime.  I just love how joyful and social she is too.  And determined!  And focused and clever...she's just great.  I love getting to know her.
Her Favorites: BBopping up and down in her chair, "singing" with us, putting on tiaras and sunglasses (although they usually end up on the back of her head), playing kazoos (or anything that's somewhat shaped like a kazoo haha), peeking at people through the window, playing in the pool, and DOGS!  She was OBSESSED with the dogs at her Dini & Gramps house.  When she saw them, she was so...ebullient is really the best word I can think of.  And in awe.  It was just this joyful and delighted disbelief that she got to touch these dogs.  It was so fun to watch.
Surprises: Three things: First, she is so darn FAST!  There could be a leaf clear across the porch and in .28 seconds it's in her mouth. Second, she wiggles her tongue back and forth when she's concentrating or having fun, which is CRAZY because I used to do the same thing when I was a kid!  Who knew something like that could be genetic?? And third, we do a little bit of sign language and she has done each one absolutely perfectly...ONE time. One perfect "more," one perfect "all done," one perfect "please" ... and now anytime she wants to sign anything, she just claps her hands.  Which, as you can imagine, is quite confusing, albeit hilarious
Other Notable Moments:  She had her first table food!!  Spaghetti, a classic.  She also had her first airplane ride.  She did amazing.  She was asleep for most of it, and then on the descent she started being so goofy and throwing her whole self backwards and going "whooaaaaa!" over and over and over again.  It was the nuttiest thing, everyone around her was cracking up.  And then we got a ton of quality time in with our family up in IL, which was marvelous.
Looking Forward To...: When she can walk!!!  She and Jenna are going to be able to have so much more fun together when they can chase each other around 😍
Airplane champs

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Juliette: 9 Months

Age: 9 months
Milestones: She can stand on her own for like a second, and she says "mama" and "dada!"  (Mama was first ;))
My Favorites: She's so silly!!  I love watching her play peek-a-boo and how she cracks up when Jacob dances with her.  And I love watching her with Jenna!  She just wants to do everything Jenna does, it's precious.
Her Favorites: Putting things in her mouth and crawling around with a puppy dog.  Being read to...she sits so still in my lap, except when she gets excited about turning the page or sticking her fingers in the holes of Hungry Little Caterpillar.  She also LOVES going through tunnels, playing with our little kitchen, sippy cups, and playing peek-a-boo with the tambourine which I think is HILARIOUS
Surprises: That she's already standing!  I just forgot how quickly that all happens
Other Notable Moments:  First Father's Day, Her first time watching TV!  Don't get me wrong, me and Jenna watch shows ALL the time, but we usually do it when she's napping or eating in another room.  But the girls all sat down together to watch Winnie the Pooh and Juliette LOVED it.  She was just filled with awe and excitement and joy the whole time. I swear, she didn't stop smiling from beginning to end.  It was adorable.
Looking Forward To...: Hearing her talk more!  Hearing mama and dada is just about my favorite thing in the world and I can't wait to hear more. 
Note the bracelet in her mouth.  This kills me.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Jenna 2.6

Age: 2 1/2 years old
Milestones: She's really into making choices.  She loves putting an item in each hand, bobbing them up and down like a see saw, and asking, "Whatchu want?"  When we were planning her birthday party she asked, "Can I have eggs at my party?"  I told her she could and she said victoriously, "YES!" and then added very matter-of-factly, "We will eat eggs at my party!  That is my choice."  
She's also getting more and more creative and able to come up with different ideas on her own.  One day we were singing a song version of "This Little Piggy" and she asked, "Mom, are the piggies in an airplane?"  I said, "Hm, I'm not sure.  Why do you ask?"  And she very simply replied, "I just thought maybe the piggies were in an airplane.  That was my thought."  I don't know what it was about that comment that struck a chord with me, but I just remember thinking we were at a new level, developmentally. 
My Favorites: Her sense of style.  She's all about the accessories, whether it's a hat, sunglasses, or socks on her hands.  She insists on wearing rainboots with her tutus and her rainbow pony sweatshirt (named "Steven") goes over just about everything.  I also LOVE that she is able to create her own songs and imagination play!  It started with her singing a few words...she'd sing something like "Sliding on the slide..." and then say, "Sing it, Mom!" and expect me to sing a whole song about sliding haha.  But then she started making up her own songs!  Have you not heard the hit single, "There's A Frog In My House"?  The verse even (amazingly) rhymes..."There's a frog in the sky, there's a frog on the door, there's a frog in the oven, and it goes to the floor."  Genius.
I also love watching her learn to use the English language and especially when she hasn't quite figured it out yet.  For example:  Do you like this song?  =  Are you like this song?  and Do you want to play with me? =  Are you want to play with you?
Her Favorites: Her family...she relates everything back to her family.  If she sees any grouping of anything (dinosaurs, snails, rocks, you name it) she immediately designates which one is Mommy, Daddy, Jenna, and Juliette and then it becomes a family.  She also loves horses, dinosaurs, cats, mermaids, looking for Easter eggs, construction machines (that I've called "diggers"  "pushers"  "breakers"  etc. because I don't know what they're really called), feeding Juliette, playing with the hose, accessories, Snapchat, making tunnels and forts with blankets, baking, the zoo, feeding the birds, being a big helper and having braids in her hair.
Surprises: I have to say, it was "There's A Frog In My House."  I don't think I've ever been more surprised than when she hopped up on a chair and gave an impromptu performance of that little number.  And that really sweet moment when we were sitting together and she asked, "How can I pray for YOU, Mommy?" 
Other Notable Moments:  A series of visits from several family members!  It was so funny to see her interact with them.  She ALWAYS wanted to be talking to them, but sometimes didn't know what to say or was feeling shy, so her go-to conversation starter was "LOOKIT!" and then she would hold up some random object or do a jump or kick or something.  It's now a classic family catchphrase.  
Looking Forward To...: More.  Just more.  More sister bonding, more goofy songs, more fashion statements, more sweet moments.  More of it all :)

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Juliette: 8 Months

Age: 8 months
Milestones: She is a SUPER crawler, AND she can pull herself up to a standing position! She also had her first experience with snow (which she touched for two seconds and then cried  #southernbelle) and went to her first major league baseball game (not the Cubs, but the Astros are still pretty fun anyways)
My Favorites: Her little personality.  I love how happy and easygoing she is about almost everything, and I love seeing how much she genuinely enjoys life and watching all of the fun around her.  You can tell she's excited to be a part of it, but at the same time she enjoys just watching it all go down.
Her Favorites: Basically everything a baby should not have, e.g. cords, phones, tiny things, hair, and whatever big sister is eating.  She also LOVES giving zerberts, playing with the "other" baby in the mirror, and watching the constant shenanigans going on around her.  You know what is NOT her favorite?  Broccoli.  Because I fed her one spoonful and she vomited all over the place. 
Surprises: How distinct her personality is already!!  She is such a happy little girl 99% of the time, but when she feels things, she FEEEEELS things.  It's not that she's moody or fact, rarely anything makes her cry (just if she thinks we're leaving her and if she's really really hungry), but when she does cry, it's INTENSE. It's never "wah feed me wah wah"'s always a "MOOOOMMMMMM MY WORLD IS ENDDDDINGGGGGGGGGG I'M SOOO MAAADDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!" kind of cry, which is heartbreaking...but then as soon as the problem is resolved she recovers instantly.  She's also CRAZY determined.  Whenever she gets a new skill, I can already see her wheels turning like, "ok...what new things can THIS help me do?"  The VERY day she learned how to crawl, she used her newfound ability to crawl over to a ledge and try to pull herself up to a standing position...and succeeded.  Somehow I think we're going to be a lot it too premature to make that prediction?
Other Notable Moments:  She got her first little spanking :(  (she kept going after cords, it was a safety thing!!)  I gave her a little tap on the thigh and she looked around at me and smiled like "Everything's still ok, right?  I'm sure you didn't mean that, Mom."  and then she went after the cords again, so I had to give her another little tap.  She looked at me and tried to smile again, but this really really sad face kept peeking through.  I gave Juliette a hug and looked at Jenna, who was intently watching her sister with a look of total sympathy and concern.  As soon as she saw the spanking part was over, she rushed over to Juliette and started singing "Sisters" from White Christmas to make her feel better.  And my heart exploded.
Looking Forward To...: When she can talk!  She's pretty quiet most of the time, but I want to hear her little thoughts!