Thursday, May 12, 2016

Juliette: 7 Months

Age: 7 months...look at that face!!!! <3
Milestones: She started eating solids!!  And oooh my goodness did she love it.  The sweet potatoes went in her mouth and it was like her world went from black and white to color.  After that, she couldn't shovel it in fast enough. It was SO cute seeing how into it she was!  Here's hoping introducing other foods is this easy!  And if that's not enough, she also started sitting herself up on her own!  Which is crazy because she JUST started sitting up in general.  You've got to admire that tenacity.
My Favorites:  Sometimes she licks her chops after eating, and I just love seeing her tiny little tongue sticking out.  I'm excited for her to get teeth because it means more food options for her, but this gummy phase is just so darn cute
Her Favorites: Sweet potatoes, her sister, sitting in the grass because she can grab it, and trying to make people look at her (she cranes her neck around and stares them down until they cracks me up)
Surprises: How quickly she's becoming mobile!  I mean I guess I shouldn't be surprised...I think this is about when it all happens, it just feels like it's happening so fast!  One second she rolled over, and the next second she's sitting herself up and rolling herself across the floor...I can't believe it!
Other Notable Moments:  An inevitable moment in every Houston baby's life...their first flood! Our lawn was completely covered in water, but it was like she didn't even notice.  What a pro.  She also went in the swing for the first time which she LOVED and in the stroller without a carseat for the first time, which looked like it might've been a little exhausting.  She also clocked in some quality hours with her cousins.  She and Sofia are only a week or so apart, so it was REALLY cute to see them interact!!
Looking Forward To...: I can't wait until she starts talking more!  For being such a friendly and smiley baby, she's surprisingly quiet.  I'm excited for when she starts chattering more...and of course, when she starts saying "mama!!" :)

This baby's mama is pretty private about pictures on social media, which I totally respect, but I just had to put this picture up because it so perfectly captures Juliette's "look at me" tactics lol