Thursday, March 20, 2014

3 Months

Three months 

Laughing!  So far there's pretty much just one or two things that consistently make her laugh, but I do them all the time now because it's so fun!!  I've also heard her jabbering and then laughing to herself when she is supposed to be napping, which is pretty hilarious. 

She's pretty great at holding up her head now.  She can stand and sit up with help from us.  She's so strong!!

My Favorites
Just hanging out with her...she's so fun and smiley!!  Most of the day we pretty much just sit and chat and smile at each other, which probably sounds awful to anyone who has ever babysat before, but it's actually pretty awesome when it's your own spawn.  I love it so much. There have been a few times when she's woken up in the morning a couple hours earlier than she's supposed to and to keep babies in "sleep mode" you're not supposed to make eye contact...but as soon as she sees me she starts smiling and giggling and I can't help but look at her and start laughing too.  No self control for either of us.

Her chubby little cheeks and thigh rolls and elbow dimples!!!

Her Favorites
Being a copycat...apparently, I make a "surprise" face at her a lot, and she's started copying it anytime I get near her face...kind of.  Jacob got a video of her doing it, which is honestly ones of the funniest things I've ever seen (although that may be biased mom talk), but if you don't have time to watch it, you can at least look at this picture of the face I make vs. the face she makes.
Oh well, she tries.
She also started copying the way Jacob sneezes which, if you've never heard him sneeze before, it's basically an enormous war cry followed by a sneeze.  It's the second loudest thing you will ever hear (the loudest is Jacob throwing up.  I can't even BEGIN to describe that experience.) I love that there are now TWO people in my household that do this.  Not.

Blowing spit bubbles 

Looking in the mirror
Mom & Dad.  I LOVE how much she loves her mom & dad :) 

How quickly she's grown!  I feel like her head is twice the size it was at birth, it's CRAZY!

Other Notable Moments
I took all the blog posts from my pregnancy and put them into a Shutterfly arrived this week and looks so good!!
I can't decide when I want to give it to her...when she learns to read?  Or maybe middle school?  I feel like that's when kids are most curious about themselves (read: self-absorbed) and she would appreciate something like this at that time...or maybe around when she goes to college since that's about the time you can actually starts seeing your parents as cool and she'll appreciate my jokes more? TBD

Looking Forward To...
Visitors coming this month!!  Jacob's parents are coming into town immediately followed by my best friend Rachel!  I can't wait for Jenna to get to know them!!

I'm also really excited about her being able to sit up on her own and start moving around.  I mean I know that's going to add a whole layer of craziness on my day, but it's going to be so fun to see her putting around the living room! 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cousincation 2014

Well, I meant to post this like a month ago, but whatevs.   In mid-February, the Lisi family came down to TX to visit!!  We got to meet Asher for the first time, they got to meet Jenna, and the cousins got to meet each other.  Lots of meeting.  It was amazing.  I just wanted to post some pictures from #cousincation2014 for posterity (almost named #cousinlovin which was, surprisingly, voted against...)

The babies got off to a rocky start...
Cousincation?  More like Cryingcation.

But they warmed up to each other pretty soon.  Jenna ESPECIALLY loved her Tia and Zio.  I'm not sure if she ever really registered that there was another baby around, but that's ok because that left me wide open to get plenty of playtime with Asher!

We went on walks together...
...hit up HEB...
...celebrated Valentine's Day (complete with heart-shaped bacon)...

...ate some delicious grub...
How much do I love Bird Bakery?  So much.

...and forced our kids into embarrassing pictures that we will treasure for years to come.
Aw...holding hands

About a week after the Lisi's left, I was on FaceTime with Stacy and showed Jenna the screen...she started smiling and kicking because she was so excited to see her Tia.  I totally cried.  Love you Lisi family!!!  Come again soon!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Top o' the Morning to ya

Actually, since it's 5:00 at night I really should be saying top o' the evening to ya...but in reality I shouldn't be saying either of those things because I'm about as Irish as a giant pile of schnitzel.  Luckily, my daughter is part Irish and makes a super cute St. Patrick's Day babay.

I love the holidays.  Even the silly ones that originated as celebrating things like the death of saints but have since turned into celebrations of candy or green beer (read: Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day).  Side note...a quick Google search just told me that I've been punctuating sentences with parenthesis at the end wrong my entire life.  A teacher at one point told me that the period went outside of parenthesis, no exceptions, and I've been following that religiously ever since.  Now Google tells me that isn't true.  It makes me wonder what incorrect things I might've said to my students that they will think is true for the next 15's crazy how the things teachers do can stick with you for so long.  For example, I remember in preschool my teachers set up a little leprechaun hunt, where the leprechaun left a trail of mini Reese's that we followed all the way to a pot of gold.  We each got one of the Reese's in the trail.  I can't remember what ended up being in the pot of gold (more Reese's? Lucky Charms? Chocolate coins?) but either way, it was awesome.  I love holidays.  (See how I brought that back around? Boom.)   Anyway, I can't wait to do fun little things like that with Jenna as she gets older.  In the meantime, I can celebrate by dressing her in green and taking a whole memory card's worth of pictures.
And one more of mom & baby for good measure.

Hope you all had a wonderful St. Patrick's Day yesterday!