Monday, August 4, 2014

7 Months

7 Months

Jenna has been pushing herself up into crawl position...mostly while she sleeps.  When she's awake, she only holds it for a second and then plops down in the ground, flat as a pancake.

Trying to pull herself up to a standing position!!  She ALMOST completely did it by herself once, but lost her balance at the last millisecond.  Still, we should probably start thinking about baby proofing this house!

Eating solids!  Not necessarily happily, but she's doing it.  We had a ROUGH 2+ weeks of feeding her solids every day and her just gagging and spitting everything out.  She got a lot better once she saw Asher eating though, and once we started to let her hold the spoon.
It was rough going for a while.
Interacting with other babies.  In the past, she's mostly just been in her own little world, but it was SO fun seeing her interact with Asher!!  They had little conversations squeaking, yelling, and blowing bubbles at each other.  Stacy and I had SO much fun watching!  The first time it happened, one of us cried...I won't reveal who.

My Favorites
This month, my favorites was just watching Jenna with my siblings, parents, in-laws, nieces & nephews, etc.  It was just really amazing seeing her bond with my family and seeing them interact with her.  We stayed in the basement at my parents' house and when I would walk up the stairs with her in the morning, she would just start giggling because she couldn't wait to play with everyone.  It was just the best.
Slackjaw picture.  Probably resulted in Jenna being slightly dubious of our sanity, but worth it.  Sorry family.  
How she greets people by touching their faces.  It is without a doubt one of the first things she'll do when she sees you.  And she does it if I'm holding her and she's very sleepy...sometimes she'll look up and slowly put her hand on my cheek like, "Thanks Mom."  It kills me.

Her Favorites
Her cousin Asher!!  Actually, all of the family, come to think of it. Tia, Zio, Aunt Bunny, Uncle Tommy, Grandma, Grandpa, and all of the Marcottes had SUCH cute interactions with Jenna.  It was so cute and so heartwarming to watch.

Jacob.  Jenna just LOVES her daddy!! It was tough being away from each other for a week or so, but when Jacob and I would talk on the phone or FaceTime, Jenna would get the BIGGEST smile on her face whenever Jacob would start talking.  Then, he would stop talking and her face would fall...then he would start talking again and she would light up again.  And then, when Jacob picked us up from the airport, the second she saw him she started grinning and squealing and kicking her feet at super high speed!  It was so amazing to see. 

That Sophie giraffe toy!  The big squeaky one.  She LOVES it and smiles like crazy whenever she sees it and giggles whenever it squeaks.  I can't explain it.  It is just a plastic giraffe.

Standing.  It is ALL she wants to do now!!  Standing while holding my fingers, standing while holding onto the couch, standing and "walking" around the room while I hold her's not just A favorite, it is THE favorite right now.

It's really crazy to me that she's kind of learning to roll over, crawl, and walk around the same time...she hadn't really mastered rolling, but started pushing herself into crawl position.  She hadn't even mastered being in crawl position, much less crawling, when she started trying to pull herself up onto things.

Other Notable Moments
Her sinful nature is starting to show!! It's hilarious's probably time to start teaching about sharing...

Her first Fourth of July!!  She loved it.
Well, she was pretty neutral.  But next year she'll love it!

Looking Forward To...
Honestly, I know this is going to COMPLETELY rock my world and change everything I know about being a parent right now, but I'm so excited for her to walk.  I just can't wait to see what she walks towards and what she's curious about.  It's one thing to try and figure out what she's looking at, but it's going to be so cool to take her to the park and just follow her around.

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