Friday, February 12, 2016

Juliette: 4 Months

Age: 4 months
Milestones: Pulling her paci in and out of her mouth!  It's not perfect, but she has gotten super coordinated
My Favorites: Making her laugh!  She cracks up when you get anywhere near her cheeks, so I tickle them pretty much any chance I get
Her Favorites: Grabbing her feet.  It's pretty much her standard position these days.  And of course, she still loves being completely buried in blankets, her sister, and pretty much anytime anyone looks at her.
Surprises: It's amazing to me how coordinated she is!  Grabbing and holding things and putting them in her mouth...she's getting really good!  We started sleep training her a little and when we go in to pop her paci she grabs our fingers and pulls them as close to her as possible.  It's so cute how much she doesn't want us to leave
Other Notable Moments:  We found out that she is dairy intolerant...for now, anyway.  Apparently kids usually grow out of it eventually, which is good news.  It took a few ice cream binges on my part before we finally figured it all out, but now that I've stopped eating dairy, she's SO much happier!  No more crying when she's gassy, no more dry itchy skin, no spitting's pretty incredible what a difference it's made!
Looking Forward To...: When she and Jenna can play!  I love when she gives her those huge grins and I can't wait until they can do even more together
I made that headband, nbd
Baby's 1st Superbowl
Being 4 months old is exhausting

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