Wednesday, September 25, 2013

26 Weeks

How far along?  26 weeks.  According to some, I've reached my third trimester!
Maternity clothes?  Oh, the usual.  Although it's getting harder and harder to find shirts that can fully cover my tummy these days.  I feel like Winnie the Pooh

Sleep:  Sooooo's terrible & it's awesome.  Awesomely terrible.  Terribly Awesome.
Best moment this week:  The whole weekend.  Saturday morning at the dog park with the Yorks, a TFA Alumni gathering Saturday afternoon (and hanging out for hours after it ended with Jake & Jake), football all day Sunday with the Romero's...all in all, great people, great conversation, great food, and great fun!  Ooh, also DECORATING FOR FALL!!!  I bought some apple cider, cranked the AC, and pretended like the word "autumn" actually means something here in Texas.  It was fabulous.

Miss Anything?  I like sleeping a lot, but not NEEDING to sleep a lot, and especially not needing to sleep a lot while I'm working!  So...I don't know if I miss not needing to sleep or if I miss not working, but definitely something along those lines
Movement:  All. The. Time.  It's so great!  It really feels like a baby in there now, more than just muscle twitches.  I can feel arms/legs moving underneath when I have my hand on my stomach.  It's crazy and it makes this all so much more real!  I mean...there's actually a BABY in there! With arms and legs and stuff!

Food cravings:  I don't know about me, but Baby J is LOVING peanut butter these days!!  Every time I eat some, she starts kicking like CRAZY!  It's like a little happy dance in my belly.  If it's possible to have a favorite food in utero, this is definitely hers!
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Nope!  And no Uncle Jack moments either!!  Shake me!  (seriously, you can. It's safe now!)
Have you started to show yet:  Yeah, I think it's pretty obvious that I'm pregnant these days.  In fact, I was walking across the parking lot the other day and one of the teachers said "Aw, seeing you waddling over reminds me of when I was pregnant!"  So...apparently these days I waddle...
Gender:  Girl
Labor Signs:  No...I've heard that I could start having Braxton Hicks contractions now, but I don't really understand what these are.  All I've read is that they don't really hurt and they just make your stomach really hard.  What?? My stomach is hard all the time!  How are these a thing?  How are people even aware that these exist??   
Belly Button in or out?  Still half in/half out.  But now it's so far [half] out that you can start to see it through my shirts.  I think we can add this to the list of not cute things about pregnancy
Wedding rings on or off? Uh...for the answer to that question, please refer to the sausage fingers pictured above. 
Happy or Moody most of the time:  Happy!!

Looking forward to:  Our first baby classes this weekend!!  In particular, our peek-a-boo tour of the hospital is this Sunday!!!  I'm so excited!!


  1. looking great j-web! love your updates. baby j will be a peanut butter monster like the rest of us!!! yesssss

  2. Braxton-Hicks feel like your stomach tightens and then releases...they're actually kind of cool! You look so cute!