Thursday, May 22, 2014

5 months

5 months!  I can't believe she's almost old enough for solids!  I don't know if I'm ready!!!!

Sitting up!!!  New development as of yesterday.  She can hold herself up for a least until she leans too far back or to the side.  Then, she tips over and it totally cracks me up!

Sleeping on her stomach!  I tried it once for a nap and she slept SO well!  We gradually started to do it more and more and now it's her favorite way to sleep!  I don't have the courage to let her sleep the whole night on her stomach yet, but she usually wakes up in the middle of the night frustrated because she wants to be turned over.  I guess I'll be ready to just start putting her down on her stomach when I'm ready to sleep through the night again :)

My Favorites
How much more aware she is!  She grabs at books (or dad's glasses), she laughs at more things, she watches Raven running's really fun to see her watching and reacting to the world in a whole new way.

She's started to talk in a cadence that sounds a lot more like conversation.  It's so fun to hear!

Her faces!!! She's so expressive, and I love making faces back and forth with her.

Her Favorites
When we sing and dance together!  It's a great workout for me and she's going to know every Disney and Broadway song before she can walk.  I'm pretty sure her first words will be Hakuna Matata, or something of the like.  She even starts yelling along with me, which I'm pretty sure is her trying to sing.

BOOKS!! She gets really worked up when we start reading books to her. She starts rocking back and forth and yelling and grabs at the's like she's so excited she can't contain herself and it's kind of hilarious.

That she has ZERO interest in rolling over!  I mean, she can basically sit!  And she's never even gotten close to rolling over!  That just feels so backwards, but I know babies do things differently so I'm not concerned, it's just funny.

Other Notable Moments
In the move, we forgot to pack Jenna's brush and didn't find it among the boxes for about two weeks. Result?  Baby dreads.

We started leaving her at the church nursery/BSF children's class!!  I almost started bawling the first time but kept it together pretty well.  She's so grown up now!

My first official Mother's Day!!

Jenna turning 20 weeks old!  I put her 20 week ultrasound next to a 20 week picture...they really are the same baby!

Looking Forward To...
My mom and dad coming to visit in a few weeks!!! I can't WAIT for them to get more time with Jenna!

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