Tuesday, September 23, 2014

9 Months

Age: 9 months
Milestones: FIRST TOOTH!! Her bottom middle right tooth started pushing through at the end of our time in Illinois, which made for some very tearful moments a la crying whenever people laughed, etc. but I'm so excited she's getting teeth! Also, she went to her first wedding, first (minor league) baseball game, and sat in a shopping cart seat for the first time, if you would like to consider those milestones.
My Favorites: Her squeaks, watching her crawl around, how she kicks her legs and starts breathing really hard when she gets excited, how she's cuddly like a koala, and I LOVE reading to her.  It's my favorite part of the day, snuggling up and reading together. 
Her Favorites: Squeak laughing, air conditioning vents, banging things together, giving zerberts (something I had to try and keep her from doing during the aforementioned wedding,) turning the pages for me when we read, bananas, cheese, cottage cheese, and CINNAMON!  
Surprises: When we went to the wedding, I was picturing the babies totally losing it at the reception, but they actually did AMAZING and stayed up WAY past their bedtime, happily dancing and playing.  It was so great!! And THEN came the drive home. And the next day. And the day after that. And they were all total hot messes, especially for Jenna because she also had a tooth coming in.  Anyway, the wedding was totally worth it, but lesson learned about sticking to bedtimes!
Other Notable Moments: I just love seeing her interact with family.  She and Asher were so funny together...he kept grabbing her head and yelling and that would sometimes make her cry which, loving mother as I am, was always really funny.  Eventually, she started putting up her hands to block him which led to a lot of super adorable baby hand holding.  They're going to be best friends.
Looking Forward To...: Her walking!! Also, for the weather to cool down!  I want to go outside to play with Jenna and not be sweating within 3 seconds.

Koala cudding! 

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