Thursday, October 23, 2014

10 Months

Age: 10 months old
Milestones: Standing on her own for several seconds, saying "Da Da" about Jacob, waving, and pointing at people
My Favorites: I just love watching her be able to do more and more things...the waving and pointing and playing's so fun! And when she stands by herself...she balances for a few second and when she's done she bends her knees and launches herself at me, usually while squealing or giggling.
Her Favorites: Bananas, cinnamon, Italian sausage, and COTTAGE CHEESE especially.  Also, turning pages, waving, being surrounded by pacifiers, and (unfortunately) playing with the "Danger" tags they put on electrical cords. Gives me a heart attack EVERY time.
Surprises: How long it takes to learn how to walk!  All of her other milestones have happened just one second to the next.  She can't do it, and then all of a sudden she can.  But I guess walking has so many different parts to master before you get the whole thing down that it feels like it's taking a lot longer!
Other Notable Moments: Getting Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease...woomp woooommmmmpp. Could there be ANY worse name for an illness that most children get?! Like, I have to go around being like "Sorry, I can't come to Mother's Day Out today because my child has a DISEASE! Hope your precious child doesn't also get her super contagious DISEASE!" Embarrassing.  Plus it lasts 7-10 days. WHAT? That is a really long time to be quarantined.
Looking Forward To...: Walking!! And HALLOWEEN!! Not that we're going trick-or-treating because Jenna doesn't even eat candy, but I just can't wait to see her in her cute little costume, plus we just got this super cute Halloween onesie and cat hat as gifts and I pretty much want her to wear them 24/7. Holidays are my favorite.
Those BOOTS!

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