Sunday, December 28, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday Jenna!!!

Age: 1 year old!
Milestones: The two biggest milestones have both been in the last few days.  First, she took between 2 and 6 confident steps by herself, meaning she was stepping without simultaneously falling forward into one of our laps.  Second, she was going up AND down the two steps between my parents' kitchen and family room like a pro.  It was super agile and not unlike Catwoman.  She's also been chewing a lot better, which means I don't feel obligated to cut up her food QUITE so tiny.
My Favorites: Mealtimes.  It's just such a fun time to interact with her.  She loves to feed me, which I think is just hilarious.  She holds out a piece of food and says "aaaaahhhh" which is my cue to say "aaaaaahhhh" back while she puts the food in my mouth.  Sometimes she giggles, but mostly she just gets this really satisfied look on her face, like she's glad I'm taken care of.  Also, she started snuggling again!!  She went through a couple months where she really wouldn't let us snuggle her.  It was so sad!  But now sometimes when we pick her up, she'll lay her head on our chest and tuck her arms down by her side.  She does it if she's tired or if she hasn't seen us in a few hours, like after Mother's Day Out.  I love love love love it.
Her Favorites: Looking out of windows.  She loves this SO much that even if she's crying about having to go into her carseat, the second I close the car door, she gets SUPER excited because now she can look out of a window.  And NOTHING is funnier than when there's an actual PERSON on the other side of the window.  Other favorites: people, Italian sausage, her Busy Bible, playing with her car bugs, cottage cheese, cinnamon, bread, things that jingle, chasing cats, taking things out of containers, bear crawling, and Mom & Dad.  Not necessarily in that order.  
Surprises: She does this thing when she's upset...she makes this trilling sound instead of/while crying and it is SO bizarre!  I have no idea where it came from but it happens several times a day at this point.  Also, I was surprised by how much she loved the Happy Birthday song!  The instant we started singing to her, her head shot up and she had the biggest grin on her face.  It never fails to make her smile, which is certainly convenient for taking pictures!
Other Notable Moments: Thanksgiving, where she celebrated by eating an entire sweet potato, plus some turkey, stuffing, and a roll.  Her 7th plane ride, which she handled like a champion thanks to the empty seat next to us and very nice passenger who played with her for most of the flight.  And finally, Jenna's was in her first Christmas concert.  It was through Mother's Day Out and she basically just sat on stage in her little Bumbo and shook her jingle bells, but it was super cute.  And I got a first class seat because I was on stage too!  Granted, I was juggling 2-year-olds, trying to keep them from nose-diving off the stage and from putting the bells in their mouths, but I still got to sit right by Jenna.  
Looking Forward To...: The next year (and all the years to come!)  This one moved so fast and so much happened.  I can't wait to see what happens next!
This face keeps happening and it KILLS me!
Selfies with almost-one-year-olds are hard.
Happy Holidays, all!

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