Thursday, November 20, 2014

11 Months

Age: 11 months...ahh she's almost a year old!
Milestones: Saying mama (FINALLY!), taking a few steps on her own, waving, and all of a sudden today she started drinking out of a straw like a pro even though she's never done it before, that I know of.  Oh, and she can make the sound a dog makes and she says Raven (although at best it sounds more like "heevee.")
My Favorites: When she dances!  It is so cute seeing her bop up and down.  I also just love watching her explore.  She's getting so much more coordinated and adventurous so watching her play is just a blast.  Also, the snuggling.  I just can't get enough snuggling.
Her Favorites: Taking the fish off of the Peter Fishing page in her Busy Bible, taking every. single. thing. out of my diaper bag (and she gets really mad when she can't pull the lining out too,) opening and closing drawers & doors, the bathroom, spoons, dancing, and waving at people & giving them the head tilt/cutie eyes combo.  This especially happens when I go into work at Mother's Day Out...between the other teachers, the parents and especially the kids in my class, Jenna probably thinks she's a straight up celebrity. What a ham.
Surprises: How much she understands!  Today Jacob said, "Where's Mommy?" and Jenna said, "Mama!" and turned around and pointed at me!!  It is crazy to me that she is able to understand questions and respond to them like that!
Other Notable Moments:  Halloween, naturally!  She looked so cute in her little minion hat.  No trick-or-treating, but we had fun sitting in the front yard with some friends and watching the other kids!
Looking Forward To...: When she can walk!! I have to say, when I'm getting out of the car and my hands are full of groceries/teaching stuff/food, my thoughts usually drift to how nice it will be to not HAVE to carry her inside :)

The bag of bread dropped from the top of the fridge and it only took seconds until Jenna was shoveling it down...
Thanksgiving feast at Mother's Day Out

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