Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Juliette: 3 Months

Age: 3 months
Milestones: Sitting in the Bumbo!  Huge.  She loves it, I think because it makes her feel included in all of our shenanigans :)
My Favorites: How smiley she is!!  She just lights up whenever anyone looks at her, it just melts my heart!
Her Favorites: Being around people, chatting, and her bugs that hang from the top of her car seat.  She can sit there, smiling and talking to them for the longest time.  They're best buds.
Surprises: How different she is from Jenna at this age!  I mean, nothing drastic and if I were to make a list, there would probably be more similarities than differences but...they're just each their own little person!  It's so fun!
Other Notable Moments:  Her first Christmas and New Years!  Jenna did most of the present opening for her, but she is enjoying her new black & white picture books :)  MY favorite part was all of the festive outfits, naturally.
Looking Forward To...: When she can take a bottle OR drops the late night feeding...whichever comes first.  It would be really great to be able to go on a date with my husband every now and then!
Jenna can't get enough of those cheeks either
The Little Merbaby
Juliette and her BFFs
Such a face!!!

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