Thursday, December 31, 2015

Jenna 2.0

Age: This post is for 1 year and 10 months all the way through turning 2 years old!!!  I'm going to have to start chunking these into 3 month sections...first, because Jenna's changing a lot less quickly now that she's getting older, and second, because I'm much busier now that I have two little munchkins to look after!!
Milestones: She just started speaking in full sentences every now and then.  Her first one was when we were FaceTiming with Jacob...she was pointing out where everything was (a favorite past time) and then said "And Juliette's Tummy Time is also over there." After months of hearing her say only disjointed words, we both did a double-take! 
We also got rid of the paci!!!  I was sooo anxious about it because Jenna loved her pacifiers.  I actually cried when we started talking about taking them away.  I was probably hormonal, but I just felt so bad!!  The only way she got to sleep at night was if she had one in her mouth and one rubbing against her eye.  I don't really know how that started, but she was always so easy to put down that we just rolled with it.  One time, Jacob was trying to get her to sing Jesus Loves Me before putting her to bed and she finally exasperatedly said, "JesuslovesmethisIknow!  Paci?"  Anyway, when we finally took them away, we explained to her that now that she was a big girl, pacifiers could hurt her teeth so she couldn't have them anymore.  She actually took it really well and hasn't asked for them since, but she DID have a reeeallllly hard time getting to sleep over the next few days.  
Her Favorites: To name a few things: yogurt, dinosaurs, mermaids, sea lions, accessories, tutus, lizards, hanging on things, painting her nails, Sofia the First, stickers, coloring, and...her sister!  For the first solid month, anytime she would walk into a room with Juliette, Jenna would squish her hands onto her (Jenna's) cheeks and say, "Awww Ju-we-ette!  CUTE!"  The first night we had Juliette at the house and she started crying at night, Jenna woke up and started crying too.  I went in there and the first thing Jenna said was, "Ju-we-ette" and didn't stop crying until I explained that Juliette was ok, and babies just cry to tell us they need something.  Juliette is still the first thing Jenna asks about when she wakes up, she always wants to lay next to her on the floor and sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to her, and she always is bringing her a blanket or paci or showing her things she's excited about (like The Little Mermaid, followed by her sweet dance moves.)  They are going to be best buds.
She's also obsessed with all things Christmas!  I'm still befuddled as to how she knew that the wreaths at HEB were for Christmas since we definitely had not talked about Christmas at all yet.  NOW we do though...she loves the movie Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and her favorite CD is Hanson's Snowed In.  In fact, according to Jenna that is the ONLY "Christmas tree music" there is.  Bing Crosby?  Amy Grant?  Trans-Siberian Orchestra?  Get outta here with that noise.  Hanson. is. everything.  (That's my girl.)
AND she loves talking about where things are..."over there" and "right there" are her favorite phrases which is convenient because......
My Favorites: She always knows where everything is!!  As a sleep-deprived mom of two, I LOVE being able to say, "where's my phone?" and have Jenna say, "Table!  Over there!"  Because really at this point, I honestly need help finding my phone AND the table...
I also just can't get enough of seeing my girls together.  Jenna is so sweet with Juliette.  She always holds her hand, but she's not super into actually holding her...she'll ask to do it every now and then but then after exactly 1 second of holding Juliette she says, "ALL DONE!" which, in truth, makes things much easier for me.
A few other favorites are watching her play with friends, hearing about her day (even though I was there for all of it, I just like to hear what parts stood out to her), how she calls lizards "scissors" and scissors "sharps," and how goofy she is!  She KNOWS a few things that always make me laugh, and she'll bust them out randomly when she's feeling silly.  I love it.
Surprises: How easy the transition into having a little sister has been.  I haven't seen a hint of jealousy and she has so far always been really gentle with Juliette.  There was a little bit of potty training regression, but I think that was more because I got really lazy about it and kept putting her in pull-ups.  We're back on track now, though!
Other Notable Moments:  Going Trick-or-Treating for the first time!  We only went to two or three houses, but Jenna got REALLY into it.  She started randomly saying "TRICK-OR-TREAT!!!!! ..........candy, please?" over the next few weeks.  Unrelated to her new obsession with candy, we also had her first trip to the dentist, which went awesome, and moved her into a big girl bed!
Also, she got her first bangs, officially.  They look super cute, but ever since I cut them, I'm paranoid that she'll take cutting hair into her own hands.  I've already seen her try to do it with toenail clippers on her mermaid toy...Lord help me.
Looking Forward To...: The cooler weather!  Between the summer heat and having Juliette, I feel like we've essentially been hermits.  Now that I have my act together a little more, I'm excited for more trips to the park, zoo, walks around the neighborhood, and even just playing in the backyard.  It's so fun to watch her explore!
Showing off her clean teeth after the dentist
She may or may not have won cutest costume at the neighborhood parade and gotten a ribbon that said "Grand Champion"...I'm trying not to let it go to my head
She was really excited about becoming a Godiva rewards member, obvi.

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