Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Jenna 2.3

Age: 2 years and 3 months
Milestones: She went from speaking in short, clipped sentences to giving full-on monologues and having long imaginary conversations with her toys or nearby animals.  She has the best imagination! She can also jump with both feet, which she's been trying to do for almost a year.
My Favorites: I just love chatting with her.  I love asking about what she learned at Sunday School or what her favorite moments of the day were.  I love when she asks to pray for Juliette when she's crying and for her BSF teacher who's in the hospital.  I love being able to reason with her and hearing her try to reason with me.  It's just fun, this whole stage is just really really fun.
Her Favorites: Birds!!  We feed the birds in our yard almost every day and she would love nothing more than for a bird to land on her arm.  She also loves running, galloping, jumping...pretty much any ultra-high energy motion is her preferred mode of transportation.  And, of course, she loves tutus, dinosaurs, stickers, twirling, garbage trucks, sunglasses, trumpets, cheese sticks, Sofia the First, party hats, slides, sea lions, tea parties, puzzles, wearing a backpack, cleaning, soccer, horses, band-aids, taking care of her sister, and helping me cook.
Surprises: These past three months have been full of doctor's visits and poison control calls.  Oy.  I've been so impressed though.  Well...first, impressed with her knack for getting into these situations haha.  But also impressed with her attitude through it all!  For instance, the doctor heard some irregular beats so Jenna had to wear a heart monitor for a day.  She had all these wires stuck on her chest with a huge battery pack clipped on her pants...I was nervous how she would handle it, but she just patted the battery pack and said, "I got my phone!" and bounded away.  She showed her stickers to everyone she ran into, cried when we had to take them off, and asked "More doctor, please?"  It was adorable.  Most impressive was at a separate ER visit (after getting into some Dermaplast) when she had to have her blood drawn from an arterial vein.  They couldn't find the vein and wiggled the needle around in her arm for literally. twenty. minutes. It was THE WORST!  But she sat completely still and silent until the very last two minutes.  THEN she started crying because by that point, she had had enough...and frankly, I had too!!  She was such a champ!
Do they have some sort of frequent flier reward program for the ER?  Because that would be stupendous.
Other Notable Moments:  Christmas, Valentine's Day (complete with a Galentine's Day tea party and Daddy/Daughter dance), her third Rodeo (because she's a true Texan), and Easter
Sorry, Juliette.  This is not your best photo.
Looking Forward To...:  When she's night potty trained!  She's definitely moving in that direction, but it's just not something I want to take the time to do...I'm kind of hoping it'll just magically happen on it's own lol 

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