Monday, October 7, 2013

28 Weeks

How far along?  28 weeks
Total weight gain: 22 pounds...thank goodness, I really thought that they would tell me that I had gained like 50 pounds and would have to eat lettuce for the rest of my pregnancy.  A nightmare on so many levels...
Maternity clothes?  These tank tops from Target are the best thing to ever happen to me.  I never want to stop being pregnant so I don't ever have to stop wearing them.
Sleep:  Oy.  Nothing good to report here.  I absolutely could not sleep this week.  I was waking up multiple times a night and was unable to get back to sleep.  I've been waking up having to pee, waking up starving, waking up uncomfortable, waking up from bad dreams, waking up from good dreams...ugh soooo tired....last night I slept at more of an angle and was able to sleep mostly through the night so let's hope that continues! 
Best moment this week:  BFF time with Christina and the boys!!  We went to this indoor playground near North Star called Funtastic Playland.  Such a great place for little kids to run around (it had a pirate ship AND a castle.  whhhaaattttt??) and give the grown ups some time to talk!  Spending time with them was good for the soul :) 

Love those boys!!
Also, I got my first autumn sighting here in San Antonio!!!  I was walking out of my doctor's appointment and saw a bunch of yellow leaves on the ground.  I kept walking but looking around trying to find where they came from...and walked straight into a palm tree.  Embarrassing.  But awesome.  AND Jacob and I got to talk to Matthew on the phone this week!  He's been at boot camp, but his platoon has been consistently performing the best so they got phone privileges as a reward.  It was great to talk to him and hear firsthand what he's been up to!
Miss Anything?  Cold turkey sandwiches
Movement:  Sometimes she kicks so hard that it moves my entire body.  Ok, maybe just the top half, but still.  I might be growing a half-vampire half-human baby...just call me Bella Swan.  Here's hoping my delivery goes better than hers

Food cravings:  Eggs!! I eat them ALL the time.  Also, I think I've mentioned this before, but pickles!  We were heading over to a friends' house and all I could think was "I hope they have pickles..."  Random.  Plus, of course, anything sweet.
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Not really, and I'm SO thankful that phase is over
Have you started to show yet:  Absolutely!
Gender:  Girl
Labor Signs:  No more contractions!  Having a couple days off work was good for me.  Not that I sat around eating bon bons...I actually got a lot done and made a lot of progress clearing out our front room to make space for baby!!
Belly Button in or out?  Slowly but surely making its way out...
Wedding rings on or off? ON!!!  For like a day, but still I was SUPER happy to have it on again.  I miss my ring!
Happy or Moody most of the time:  Happy, but with not sleeping this week, I've also had quite a few emotional sneak attacks.  Everything from crying while over at a friends' house to getting into a fight with Jacob about toast...I wish I could say it was an isolated incident, but this is (humiliatingly) the second time we've gotten into a fight about toast.  (Quote from a bewildered Jacob: "I just had no idea you liked toast this much."  and a tearful me, "I do, I just really love it.")

Looking forward to:  The temperature continuing to is beyond lovely 

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  1. Just found your blog! Yay! I love your weekly post. Your 'fight' about toast was hilarious. We have actually had some pretty in-depth discussion about toast. Especially when it comes to cinnamon toast. :)