Wednesday, December 18, 2013

39 Weeks

Yes, I know that's a sprig of evergreen and not mistletoe...we improvised, ok?

We actually had a lot of trouble taking this picture because Raven kept wanting to be a part of it too photo!!
How far along?  39 weeks down, ONE TO GO!!!!!
Total weight gain:  Unknown, I couldn't get into the doctor until later this week. No huge loss there! (emotionally OR, see what I did there? You know, because I just keep gaining weight...)
Maternity clothes?  Same old, same old
Sleep:  Well, I stopped grinding my teeth so that's positive.  Other than that though, I have been getting to bed later than usual because I've been doing really important things like watching videos of cats on Roombas.  [No doubt, I will look back at this when I have a baby waking me up every two hours and will want to throw up on my past self for wasting so much precious sleep time]
Best moment this week:  Officially signing up for my first 5k!!  This is altogether astounding, I know, especially since I've probably never run one consecutive mile before.  Truthfully, I've probably never run one full mile combined over the course of my life.  
There was NOTHING anyone could say to convince me that running was a good idea in school.  When we had to do the mile run in gym class, I just made it my goal not to be last.  Dream big, I know.  My mile times were seriously like 20 minutes.   Anyway, I don't know what possessed me to do this, but it's happening and I'm actually kind of excited.  Get ready for a really fun 3.2 mile walk, Rachel!!!  Just kidding, I promise I'll at least try and jog like half of it...
Miss Anything?  Yeah, my brain again.  Normally, I remember things really well but as that hasn't been happening lately, I've taken to writing down the things that seem important in my phone as I think of them because there's no guarantee they'll be in my brain when I need them to be.  Although to be honest, I have no idea why I've written half of this stuff...just to give you a few examples, the top things on my list right now are "Is a fish a reptile?"  "Bacon burgers"  and  "That girl who brought a cookie cake."  Clearly, the important things in life.
Movement:  Yes, but it's MUCH lower...almost level with my belly button.  Baby has DROPPED!
Food cravings:  Tamales!  I wanted them so bad I almost bought some out of the back of someone's pick up truck, but luckily our friends provided us with some legit ones.  YUM!
Anything making you queasy or sick:  It comes in waves, but oh yeah.  
Have you started to show yet:  LOL
Gender:  Girl
Labor Signs:  Nausea, going to the bathroom more often, a few contractions here and there, in addition to the whole dropping thing.  I am READY!
Belly Button in or out?  More out than in, but still weirdly shaped.
Wedding rings on or off?  Off
Happy or Moody most of the time:  Happy, but I got really really bummed yesterday when I had a few contractions and then they stopped!  What a tease.  I really thought it was go time and was SUPER disappointed that I have to wait longer.  We are READY for you Jenna!!!!!

Looking forward to:  HAVING!  MY!  BABY!

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