Monday, January 27, 2014


Well, what did you expect when two chemistry nerds have a baby?  

Obviously these pics are enough of a post in and of themselves, but I'll throw in some words for you logophiles.

Tonight we Google Hungout (Hangedout? Hangouted? Come on, Google.  Worst video chatting program name ever)  with Stacy, Andrew & Asher and had a way-too-long conversation about how we couldn't believe we were parents.  A seemingly normal topic of conversation, only it ended up being more like those Jack-In-The-Box Munchie Meal commercials.  Some classic snippets:

"I mean, I'm his mom!  He's going to hug me and be like...awww, my mom!"

"She's here!  She LIVES here!  All the time!"

"He was in my stomach!  HE was!  In my stomach!"

"That's her name!  I NAMED her!  She's going to be named that forever!! That's who she IS!"
"Yes!  People in high school are going to be like...hey, do you know Asher?"
"She's going to have a job and have a suit and a briefcase and be like...hey, I'm Jenna."

Anyway, it went on like this for a while.  Our minds were blown by the end of it, but not so blown that we were beyond laughing at our ridiculous conversation.  All in all, it just got me SUPER excited for their visit!!  Two weeks and two days!!!

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