Sunday, January 26, 2014

One Month (kind of)

One month and one week minus one day (I meant to do this at one month, but you happened)

Jenna graduated out of newborn size diapers a couple days ago!  She's still wearing her newborn clothes, but they're definitely a little more snug.  She's also starting to wear some of the 0-3 month tops.  The pants are still too big though...she's got an itty bitty booty and skinny little legs! (Something she definitely did not inherit from me)
We had some trouble keeping that shirt down over her belly...crop tops are in this season though, right?
Social smiling!!!  She's only done this a few times and it doesn't last long, but she's definitely started grinning when she sees me (sometimes) and she even laughed once.  IT WAS AWESOME!

Sleeping through the night!  It's not super consistent yet, but usually she sleeps 6-8 hours at night which is a really really really really beautiful thing.

My Favorites
She is such a little chatter bug!  When she's sitting around she just squeaks and hums and grunts to herself.  It absolutely cracks me up.  I took a little video so you can see what I mean.  FYI, it looks like she's uncomfortable at first, but I promise she makes those noises all. day. long. whether she's wrapped up in the Moby or not :) Also, Jacob forgot I was filming and started talking at the end...what he actually says is, "What is that?  Is that poop?"  Because this is our life now and everything has poop on it.  Not really.  Maybe.

Snuggling!!  I could honestly hold her all day, especially when she falls asleep and cuddles her head into my neck.  I die.  I need to physically force myself to put her down because I don't want her to ONLY be able to sleep when I'm holding her...or do I?  Hmm...

Dressing her!!  Oh my gosh, are you kidding me with these baby clothes?? And the headbands??  I can't take it, they're just too cute!  I sometimes kind of hope she'll have a diaper explosion so I'll have a reason to choose multiple outfits in one day.... #silverlining

Those footie pajamas with the mittens?  Stop it.
Knee high socks > pants
Her faces!  Seriously.  Can't.  Get.  Enough.
Endless hours of entertainment right here.
Her Favorites
Staring at lamps and windows
It's the simple things in life...
Baths!!  She immediately calms down when we put her in the water and cries when we take her out

Being held over our shoulder like a sack of potatoes

Chattering, as mentioned above, and when I repeat her chatters back to her.  That's when I'm most likely to get a smile from her, probably because I sound ridiculous.  

Music!  Especially Jim Brickman's children's Pandora station and anything Disney.  Oh wait, that's my favorite...

Having a baby is a lot easier than I thought it would be.  Example: we flew to Chicago last minute for a funeral and I was really stressing about packing for her and bringing her on the plane, etc.  It actually all went really smoothly.  She really didn't need that much stuff (of course, it helped that Jacob's family already had a car seat there), and we just fed her a bottle taking off and landing and she didn't cry at all...except when she pooped everywhere and made a total mess of her clothes...on BOTH flights!  Still, that was a really easy fix and she was a total happy camper after that.

Having a baby is a lot harder than I thought it would be.  Example: we flew to Chicago last minute for a funeral (is this sounding familiar?) and I didn't realize how complicated it would be working her eating schedule around all the event schedule.  I mean, it wasn't the end of the world.  I just stayed in the car to feed her and rolled in a little late to the church service and lunch, and had to disappear to the back room during family gatherings.  We made it work, but it was just an adjustment.  Also, walking on ice with a baby in your arms is VERY SCARY!  Thank the Lord I live in Texas because my sense of balance is not that great.

Other Notable Moments
She had really bad diaper rash during her first week (can't remember if I mentioned that or not) so we had to put Desitin on her biscuits every time we changed her diaper...which led to me getting pooped on SO many times.  Those are the moments where I'm like yep...I'm a mom.

Our first family outing!  Just a walk around our favorite trail/dog park hot spot, but it was really nice to all get out together!

Meeting the majority her aunts and uncles (we're still waiting for Tommy, Stacy, and Andrew), all of the grandparents, and some great aunts & uncles, great grandparents and second cousins besides!  I'm so so thrilled about this!!  Being so far away, that was tough not knowing when most of the family would get to meet Jenna so I'm glad she got time with the Marcotte uncles and Auntie Haley :)

Looking Forward To...
Stacy, Andrew, and Asher coming to visit in less than 3 weeks!!!  I can't believe it's only been a year since I went to visit her in Seattle!   And then a few weeks later they were pregnant and then a few weeks later we were pregnant...yadda yadda yadda and now here we are!

More smiles and laughs!  I can't get enough!

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