Monday, September 21, 2015

36 Weeks

We finally settled on a name!!!! ...I think.  Even just two days ago I started having doubts again, but Jacob reminded me how much we love the name and I calmed down :)  For the record, she's NOT named after me.  In fact, we almost didn't choose it because we felt weird that it was so similar to mine.  But we stuck with it because Juliette was the name we both liked the best after all of the voting...(results shown below!)  We chose Elize for her middle name because it means "pledged to God," which we thought was beautiful.

Please note the hilarious lack of diversity in name meanings
How far along? 36 weeks.  You guys!! One week from today I'm going to be full term. I could have a baby at our house in ONE WEEK!!!  Ahhh!!
Maternity clothes? Definitely...even my maternity tanks are starting to look a little short. YIKES!
Sleep:  Good!!  I've been napping a lot more...I don't know if that's because I'm getting toward the end of my pregnancy or because Jacob and I have stayed up late a few nights this week to work on little projects (putting together dressers, Halloween costume for Jenna, etc.) but I haven't minded the few extra zzz's during the day
Best moment this week:  We went to an infant CPR class at the hospital and got to walk by all of the tiny little babies in the hospital nursery!!  I forgot how small they are and I can't wait to hold my very own soon :)

Miss Anything? I would say having more of a variety of outfits but let's be's so much worse to dress postpartum than it is pregnant.  I will cherish these last moments of having people tell me I look cute because of my big belly!!
Movement: Not as often, but when she does, they're BIG!  Sometimes it makes me nervous because she'll go a little while without moving, but all I have to do is drum a little beat on my tummy and she starts jammin'!

Food cravings: Still sweets
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing
Have you started to show yet: Yes yes yes.
Gender: Girl!!  I keep picturing another little Jenna, but I know she could look so different!  I can't wait to see!
Labor Signs: No more Braxton Hicks this week, but my OB says I'm almost 2 cm dilated now!
Belly Button in or out? Out
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time:  MOSTLY happy, although I was prrrrreeeettty cranky Thursday evening and Friday.  I think I just needed a little bit of me time...something I definitely won't have as much of in a few weeks!!
Looking forward to: HAVING! MY! BABY!  Oh, and PDQ (YUMMY, in case you don't know) is opening nearby this weekend aaaand they have half-price shakes from 3-5.   Thank GOODNESS I didn't have this available my whole pregnancy but I will definitely be taking advantage of it these last few weeks!


  1. Her initialson will be JEM she will a precious jewel. (I know it isn't spelled that way but it sounds the same ):-)

  2. Her initialson will be JEM she will a precious jewel. (I know it isn't spelled that way but it sounds the same ):-)