Saturday, October 10, 2015

Jenna 1.9

Our little doodlebug before her gymnastics class
Age: One year and nine months.  I've just started telling people that she's "almost 2"  when they ask, which I can't believe is true!!
Milestones:  Potty training!!  We're not QUITE there yet, but she's getting really good at telling us when she needs to go.  We just need to work on sitting patiently on the potty for #2 to come out.  AND not stripping naked in her crib whenever she has a wet diaper overnight....yeah, that's been happening.
My Favorites: Potty training!!  Don't get me wrong...the whole process has definitely had its ups and downs, but all in all I LOVE not having to change her diaper all the time.  I'd so much rather just pop her on the potty when we're running errands than cross my fingers that her poopy diaper doesn't leak before finding a changing station somewhere.  PLUS, because we always celebrate when she goes in the potty, she has started celebrating when WE go too.  She comes flying around the corner, wildly applauding and saying, "YAAAAYYYY MOMMMYYYYYY!!!!  POTTTYYYYY YAAAYYYYYY!!!!" every time she hears the toilet flush.  I don't know the last time anyone applauded you for anything, but let me tell's an ego booster.
Her Favorites: Gymnastics!  I wasn't sure how long it would take her to warm up to it, but it was instantly a hit.  The second I let her hang from the uneven bars, I peeked around to see her face and I'm telling you...the Easter Bunny could've been standing there singing Frozen and holding 10 kittens and giant vat of cottage cheese and she wouldn't have looked more excited.  We're also getting really into Winnie the Pooh and Sophia the First since Mommy is getting huge and sometimes needs a mid-morning nap.  Can I just say too, that I love how she love frogs, trucks, and dinosaurs just as much as she loves kitties, tutus, and tea parties?  Still not a huge fan of bugs though.
Surprises: How well she knows songs!!  I love hearing her sing along with whatever we're listening to...she chimes in with the words that she knows and does all the hand motions like a pro.  We also have Disney Pandora on a lot...just in the past week she's been asking to look at the album covers whenever a new song comes on, and now can identify which song is from "Mermaid!" or "Lion!" when she hears them, even though she's never seen the movie.  What a pro!
Other Notable Moments: She started putting two words together!  Her first phrases were "bye bye tape" when Jacob threw away a tape dispenser and "dog bath" when we were at Petsmart.  Profound stuff, really.  Other than that, potty training and prepping for Juliette's arrival have sort of dominated this month.  Other than little outings to the library, some friends' houses, and Mother's Day Out, we haven't been up to much.
 Looking Forward To... Seeing her with Juliette!  She's been having so much fun pretending to feed, change, and put her stuffed animals and baby down for naps.  I can't wait to see how loving she is with her new little sister!!
Trying to get a good mother/daughter headband photo for Christina...sorry we're the worst brand reps ever!
Classic toddler uniform
And a pumpkin lover is born.
This is the hand of a dad of girls.
Putting the baby to sleep
There's a baby in there somewhere....
"MOM!  No pictures right now, we needed to get these figures out like...yesterday!"

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