Wednesday, July 22, 2015

27 Weeks

Jacob and I finally have a plan for picking a name!!  We've had a list (a looong list) of names that we're considering but every time we go to look at it we can maybe narrow it down to three or we just can't agree at all.  SO we've decided that every night we'll each vote on one name and after a month, we'll see what the numbers say!  I'm really hoping this will help us figure out how we feel.  She can't be Baby J forever!
How far along? 27 weeks!!  The baby is the size of a rutabaga!  I don't actually know what a rutabaga looks like (am I alone in this, or am I vegetable-knowledge deficient??), BUT I know that right now Baby J looks like she will when she's born!!!  Only just less wrinkly and more chubby :)
Maternity clothes? Yes!  I started wearing my old maternity pants and some that were lent to me...I forgot how comfy they were!!  Except for the fact that I'm wearing pants in 100 degree weather but, hey.  You can't win 'em all.
Sleep:  Really good, except laying on my stomach AND back are officially out of the question.  I rolled onto my back a few times the other night and kept waking up with my left arm totally numb.  I forgot that that whole baby-belly-can-cut-off-your-circulation thing is the real deal
Best moment this week:  Seeing Jenna play with the Hobbs boys!  So cute to see friendship forming in the third generation of our families :)

Miss Anything? I've been thinking a lot about cookie dough lately!!!  And turkey sandwiches!! Yummm...I miss them so much!  The other night I turned to Jacob and reminiscently said, "Do you remember after I gave birth to Jenna and the only thing the kitchen had at 11 PM was turkey sandwiches and I ate two?  That was amazing."  He totally laughed at me and said that he didn't remember that, which is a shame because it is a VERY fond memory of mine that I've been thinking fantasizing about a LOT lately.
Movement: Yes, she loves music!  Especially something with a lot of bass, like rap.  My baby is going to be hardcore!

Food cravings: Chips and salsa! I've bought three different salsas in the past week and have just been devouring them.
Anything making you queasy or sick: No, I've felt fine this week. Phew!
Have you started to show yet: Yes, I'm feeling a liiiiitle large
Gender: Girl!!  Which was especially fun this week because my friend Christina came in from Austin and had made all of these cute headbands for Jenna AND some matching ones for Baby J!!  They are SO adorable and I'm so excited to see the girls in them side by side!!
These are the ones the girls have matching!  Shameless plug: go check out her stuff on Etsy and Instagram
Labor Signs: None yet, although it is comforting to know that IF I went into labor, at 27 weeks Baby J would have a 90% survival rate!  Obviously, I want her to cook a little longer, but it's nice to know that in case of emergency, I'll still have my baby
Belly Button in or out? It popped all the way out when I was exercising the other day!  Jenna actually reached out and grabbed it, which I found hilarious but I probably won't tell Jacob about because he might throw up.
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time:  Happy!! 
Looking forward to: A last minute visit from Rachel this weekend!! I know it doesn't seem "last minute" if I know about it a week in advance, but when you have to fly from MN to TX to see each other, it feels positively spontaneous!

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