Monday, July 13, 2015

25 Weeks

Naturally, I made the writing red, white, and blue in honor of the 4th of July.
How far along? 25 weeks
Maternity clothes? Yes, and my jeans officially CANnot button any more.  Definitely time to either stick with leggings 24/7 or make the switch to maternity pants.  By the way, Target maternity tanks are my favorite things EVER.  Obviously, since I'm wearing two of them in my photo above...aaaand at least one in just about every other picture I've taken during this pregnancy.
Sleep:  Between traveling, Jenna waking up every 20 seconds, and random 2 a.m. pregnancy insomnia, sleep has not been the best...thank goodness for my Kindle, which I keep under my pillow and stocked with the Anne of Green Gables series!  She's my bosom friend.
Best moment this week:  Seriously, so many.  Really great family time, really fun play time, and visiting my uncle's farm!!  Seeing Jenna around so many people I love and watching her around the chickens, horses, and inflatable duck in the swimming pool was pretty much tops!

Miss Anything? fact, Stacy and I were just talking about how much we DON'T miss worrying about swimsuit season!  Being pregnant has its perks, and being expected to have a big belly is definitely one of them!
Movement: So much!!  She does this move that either feels like she's playing the bongos or like she's a cat kneading my stomach before a nap...maybe a little bit of both.  Stacy and I were cracking up the other night because as we were chatting, both Baby J and Sophia were going wild in our stomachs.  Baby J was pounding out a beat that I'm pretty sure was her saying, "pay. at-ten-tion. to. ME. pay. at-ten-tion. to ME."

Food cravings: You know what, there's been SO much good food around this week that I can't even pinpoint one type of food that I've specifically wanted. I just wanted it all!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Car rides!  I've definitely gotten motion sick a few times
Have you started to show yet: Yeah, and I have been feeling pretty big lately
Gender: A girl, which I literally get more and more excited about every day!
Labor Signs: None
Belly Button in or out? Pretty much out! 
Wedding rings on or off? Still on, I'm thrilled!
Happy or Moody most of the time:  Happy, although I had a few weepy moments.  When you put together being tired and being pregnant, it's pretty much to be expected!
Looking forward to: Naturally, more time with family, and then being reunited with Jacob!  It's tough traveling without him, and I know Jenna & Baby J miss him!

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