Monday, July 27, 2015

Jenna 1.7

Age: One year and 7 months
Milestones:  She started smiling intentionally, not just as a reaction to her emotions.  She'll do it now and then if she knows someone is taking her picture or looking at her for a long time...which makes me feel like she is really getting to be such a big kid!!
She also "rode" her first horse (a.k.a. sat on it for .5 seconds and got really nervous,) wore her first ponytail, and got her first little burn, which was SO sad!  She put her hands on a fire pit that had been burning the night before and was still hot.  Luckily, it didn't seem to bother her much.  I put a bunch of aloe on it for a day or two and she was fine.  She also knows how to count a little bit.  She knows when it's time to say 2 and sometimes 6 and 7.  And apparently, she knows Spanish.
My Favorites: Having tea parties with her (super cute, plus pregnant mom doesn't have to move around too much!!) and reading with her.  I also really love what a good helper she is!!  She loves throwing things away, closing things for me, and helping me cook.  It's nice to have an extra little pair of hands around and so cute to see how excited she is to help!
Her Favorites:  Spoons, washcloths, praying (which is extra cute because she always throws in her own prayer requests,) those little cars she can Flintstone around in, animals, tea parties, babies, putting on clothes herself...
...Olaf from Frozen, reading books (particularly Fancy Nancy...her favorite part is when she says "merci!",) being with family, smelling things, roughhousing with Poppy, and DANCING!
Surprises: It's amazing how much she learned from being with kids that are bigger than her for basically an entire month.  Whether it was her cousins, the Hobbs boys, or friends from church, she spent a LOT of time with 1-3 year old boys and is SO different.  Much more bold and adventurous, which is a lot of fun!
Other Notable Moments: Seeing a bunch of farm animals in person for the first time.  She was particularly excited about the horses and chickens!  She's also a LOT more coordinated after this month and confident walking around on different terrains.  This is probably because she spent so much time chasing her cousins around, who are not nearly as timid as she has been!  I love how much she learned from them and how much fun they had together!
Looking Forward To: She's on a waiting list for gymnastics and I'm SO excited to see her in her little class!!
That face! 
Stopping to smell the petunias
A high five...
A kiss...
Aaaand a 1/2 high five, 1/2 kiss...also known as: my personal space bubble is much larger than yours.
I really thought she was going to be more excited about this...guess I'll just have to let it go (ba dum chhhh)

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