Saturday, March 28, 2015

Jenna 1.3

 Age: One year and three months (for the past month I experimented with saying that she was "14 months" and I just can't bring myself to do it anymore.  It requires way too much math and when does it end?! I mean, technically I'm 322 months, but I'm not going to go around introducing myself that way.  It's madness.)
Milestones:  Even more words!  She's added bye, bunny, book, water, and a plethora of animal sounds to her vocab.  She's also tried to copy some sounds from her favorite book, "Quick as a Cricket." She'lI bring the book over and go "tkatkaktaktka" which I've taken to mean "Quick as a Cricket"...she also tries to say "poodle" and "you've got ME!" which is the last page of the book...she'll even put her arms up in the air, like the kid in the picture.  She's also gotten pretty good at dancing...she has several different moves, including some bouncing, spins, twisting around, and arm waving.  It's pretty entertaining and Disney Pandora is pretty much constantly playing around here.
My Favorites: Watching how quickly she's learning!  One second, she's barely glanced at her plastic horse, and the next she's saying "neigh!" and waving it around.  And she's started picking up her backpack (or really any bag she can find,) slinging it over her shoulder, and waving and saying "bye!" It's so cute and when did she pick up on that?!
Her Favorites: Reading, her daddy, footballs, being outside, playing peek-a-boo...she'll stand behind a wall or crouch down behind my knees and then pop out with the biggest grin. It is SUPER cute!  She's also still hugging and kissing EVERYTHING, which I obviously love.
Surprises: She had a few weeks this month where her skin got SUPER red anytime we touched it!  It was so weird...we'd wipe her face down after eating and her whole face would be bright red.  I pretended like her toy dog was licking her and it left these bright red stripes down her arm.  It was the weirdest thing!  It eventually just stopped happening, which makes me happy, but I'll probably still ask her pediatrician about it this week because it was so crazy and I'm just so curious what the deal was!!
Other Notable Moments: Jenna and I went to the Rodeo with some friends and OH my gosh!  It was so cute!! They had this adorable little area where kids pretended to be farmers...they got a basket and got to go pick vegetables, feed some pretend chickens to get an egg from them, they could milk a "cow" (Jenna just wanted to pet it...even though it was made of plastic,) collect wool from sheep, and at the end sell their stuff at the "farmers market" and use the money to buy a snack.   It was so. stinkin'. cute.  Jenna loved walking around with her basket and putting her little items in it (just in time for Easter!!)  And they had a sand box that was actually filled with corn kernels which was brilliant because no mess!  And she loved it.  We also went to the zoo with the Hobbs family.  It was SO fun seeing the kids interact!  Jenna loved basically any exhibit that had glass she could stand right up against.  So basically...the meerkats and other little furry animals.  She also just had a lot of fun walking around some of the little play areas they have around the zoo.  The whole day was such a blast.
Looking Forward To... Easter!!!  The fall/winter holidays are obviously the most fun overall because it's several months of festivities...I mean basically all of October-December is a holiday.  BUT Easter is probably my absolute favorite individual holiday because it is such a celebration!  I mean, it's like the Super Bowl of Christianity.  Our church in Illinois would really do it up right with huge choirs and confetti cannons, but even just a hearty and enthusiastic "Up From the Grave He Arose" is enough for me.  There's just such a reason to celebrate!!!  Plus, after seeing how much Jenna loved carrying around that basket at the Rodeo, I'm super excited to set up a little egg hunt for her in our backyard!!

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