Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Jenna 1.4

Age: One year and four months
Milestones:  She's trying to say so many more words now...she'll even try to repeat ones she hasn't heard before.  It's so fun!!
My Favorites: Getting hugs, when she brings me books and then sort of waddles in a 180 and then sits on my lap so I can read to her, when she dances, and when she "sings" along with her Frozen cd...she'll sigh with Olaf and sing "ba-da-ba-da" during "Summer," sing "door" and "go" when they come makes me smile EVERY time.  I also like hearing her say "belly button" which usually ends up sounding more like "bee-beep-bo-tee-beep"
Her Favorites: All things Easter! Hunting eggs, sitting on the Easter Bunny's lap, opening her Easter basket...oh my gosh, that was all SO much fun!  Sitting on the Easter Bunny's lap was definitely a HUGE highlight.  We weren't planning on doing the Easter Bunny thing originally, but went to the aquarium and the Easter Bunny happened to be there with no line so we just went for it.  We weren't sure how she would take it, since most kids are terrified.  We told her it was a bunny, put her on it's lap, and hoped for the best.  She had a totally blank face.  She slowly looked up at his face, slowly looked down to the furry paws around her waist, and when she looked up at us she had the BIGGEST grin on her face!  She had this look on her face that SO clearly said, "I am being held by a REAL! LIVE! BUNNY!  This is the BEST day of my LIFE!!!!!"  It was amazing. 
She's still obsessed with animals, and makes animal sounds ALL the time.  She doesn't always get them right (dog, cat, and horse are pretty interchangeable) but I just love hearing her excited "MEOW MEOW!" even if she's looking at a dog.  She also LOVES music and usually can't help but to dance around a little bit. 
Surprises: She has gotten really fearful! Particularly of any sort of vehicle...we'll be on our front porch and a loud-ish car, truck, or airplane will go by and she runs to me like it's coming after her.  It's equal parts sad and ridiculous.  Sometimes it happens if we're inside and it's something very loud like the garbage truck.  It even happened when we had the door open and a train several miles away blew it's whistle.  I mean, she's always been sensitive, particularly if she's tired.  She has been known to cry if one of us sneezed or yawned too loudly.  It makes me sad seeing it turn into full-blown fear though!  Hopefully she grows out of it soon?  Anyone else have experience with this?
Other Notable Moments: We went to some German Fest up in Tomball and they had a petting zoo, which was obviously a big hit.  Jenna was beyond excited to be surrounded by all the animals but it was almost like she was TOO excited to bring herself to actually pet any of them, which was hilarious. My personal favorite part was when she started moving her head forward and back like the chickens.
She was dedicated at our church.  Child dedication is basically Jacob and I promising in front of the church to raise her knowing Jesus.  We're trying to do that anyway, but it's nice to have the extra accountability!  We read Psalm 119:10-11, which says, "I seek you with all my heart; do not let me stray from your commands. I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you," and talked about how we wanted that to be true of Jenna as she grows up.
 Looking Forward To... More words!! It's just my favorite favorite thing hearing her talk!
First Easter basket...contributed to heavily by grandparents
Chilling in bed reading

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