Sunday, June 21, 2015

Jenna 1.6

Turning 18 months was extra special this time around because it came with a little mini-party.  We decided to give Jenna presents on her half-birthday instead of her real one since she was born so close to Christmas.  It's easier on our wallets and spreads the fun around a little for her.  Her real birthday won't have presents, but it will have family fun and a "favorite foods" type dinner, which can be just as nice.  Don't worry, Baby J will get two birthday celebrations too!  Anyway, I decided to make a couple cupcakes since she wasn't allowed to have cake for her actual birthday (egg allergy that she thankfully grew out of!)  Aaaand since I was making cupcakes anyway I figured, why not make them Frozen cupcakes?  

I'm a big weirdo that actually loves doing stuff like this so...I know there are a lot of articles about moms that go overboard with Pinterest stuff and childhood is magical enough on its own and such.  I totally agree.  If you don't love it, don't feel pressured to do it.  When it comes to bringing healthy snacks to t-ball, I'm definitely going to phone it in.  "Here's an apple, kid.  No, it doesn't have your team logo cleverly carved into it.  You're fine."  When it comes to cupcakes?  I can't help myself.  It's just too much fun to pass up.
I mean, come on.  Look at that face.
Age: One and a half!  As Jenna would say, "WOW WOW WOW!"
Milestones:  She's learned to kick the ball around.  She's not SUPER interested in it, but she'll kick it back and forth a few times.  She's also started singing!!  She sings her own little versions of Let It Go and God Is So Good.  There's also a couple other songs that she'll chime in favorite is when she says "yessir yessir" during Baa Baa Black Sheep. She's also started playing imagination games which has been a SUPER fun new development!
My Favorites: Having picnics with her, seeing her play with family members, holding hands, singing with her, and whatever this little walk is.
Her Favorites:  Sitting in confined spaces (boxes or U-shaped things), FaceTiming Asher, coloring, praying (we have to pray about 10 times every meal), holding my hand...she walks up to me and says "hand?" and then wants to just walk around the house together.  As I said before, this is definitely one of my favorite things too.  She also loves to have picnics and tea parties, putting gloves/socks on her hands, and helping me bake.  Oh, and music!  Not to mention, Aunt Jost, Grammy, and Poppy, who she got to spend lots of time with this month!
Surprises: I was just really surprised that she's playing imagination all of a sudden!
 It feels like such a big kid thing to do. 
Other Notable Moments: She experienced her first tornado, major flash flood, AND {weeny} tropical storm.  That should count for something!  I'm sure she was barely aware that any of it was going on, although we did run up and down our covered porch holding hands a lot during the tropical storm (which, truth be told, was mostly a drizzle.)
Looking Forward To: Heading up to Illinois for a bit...I can't wait to see her with her little cousins and spend time with the rest of our family up there!
I turned on Frozen and she was so entranced...she stood there with her hand on my shoulder for the full first 10 minutes.  Also, FYI: this picture was achieved by reaching my right arm around my back contortionist-style.  Apparently you can do anything when you're determined to capture a precious memory.  And that little hand on my shoulder?  Yep. Worth it.
Picnics with Poppy
She LOVED this little car at the Children's Museum!  Especially cute because there's a classic Weber home video of me at the exact same age hanging out in a similar-type car aaallllll Christmas morning. Like mother like daughter.
The whole family!
Praying before we pretend to eat, of course.
Helping mom bake = getting to lick the spoon
Tea parties with Grammy

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