Monday, August 3, 2015

29 Weeks

How far along? 29 weeks
Maternity clothes? Yes, and I'm going to visit Christina tomorrow and I'll probably borrow a few more pairs of pants and such.  Why do I want pants in 100 degree weather, you ask?  Hmm.....good question, actually...
Sleep:  Pretty good!  I've been tired, but mostly just because we've been so busy.  BUT I've had a couple times where I've woken up with my hands shaking really bad!  It never lasts very long, but it's really strange.  Has anyone else had this during pregnancy??
Best moment this week:  I've had a lot of fun planning for Baby J!!  We've talked about names a lot and put together a little registry for her.  AND I bought her a little Halloween onesie!!  

I think that Jenna is going to be a cat for Halloween (she meows half the time anyway) so now they'll be (kind of) matching!!!  She's going to be so cute and Jenna is going to love seeing her baby sister in something with a cat on it, I'm sure!!
Miss Anything? Not so much, but there were a few days where I would've loved to have been able to just fix up a little turkey sandwich...
Movement: Lots!!  It's my favorite thing!!

Food cravings: Sweets!!!! This poor baby.  With Jenna I craved sweet things too, but more in the form of fruits and such.  THIS baby wants ultra-nutritious things like S'mores Pop Tarts and Lucky Charms.  I'll resist temptation for weeks at a time, but it'll be all I can think about so I usually give in.  I try not to go overboard when I sit down to eat it, but I usually can't get through my day without a little taste of M&M's or a handful of Lucky Charms...this must be what it's like to be Jacob.  I'm making an effort to eat lots of veggies too though, so at least she'll like Oreos AND broccoli
Anything making you queasy or sick: I would say no, but then yesterday and today I started having nausea again!!  Whyyyyyy
Have you started to show yet: Yes! All week I've felt like I was as big as the day I delivered Jenna, but looking back at my old posts just now I realized that's not true.  It seems unreal that I'm actually going to get bigger!!
Gender: A girl, but I have had SO many random people stop me this week and predict that I'm having a boy!  What does that even mean?  How are you supposed to look carrying a boy vs. carrying a girl??  I hope I shouldn't feel insulted haha
Labor Signs: A few little Braxton Hicks, I think.  Must! Drink! More! Water!
Belly Button in or out? Out, most of the time
Wedding rings on or off? On, but I think they must be getting a little tighter because every time I wash my hands, it seems like the skin under my ring stays wet for a SUPER long time.
Happy or Moody most of the time:  Happy...but I did cry during Frozen twice this week, despite having seen the movie about a zillion times. I think the sister thing just gets to me!!
Looking forward to: Picking a name!!  We're two weeks into this voting each day thing and I think we've really narrowed it down!  I think we're going to have a tough time picking just one, but at least there are just a few front runners instead of the original 14 (which actually went up to 17 at one point...ay yi yi!)


  1. You and the Republican Party have a lot in common. They are also down to just 17 names!! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  2. Where is that onesie from? Maybe I should get a matching one!! Their first matching outfit!

    1. Carter's!!! They also have little cat booties, but I know it'll be too hot for those down here. Get it! I'm all about matching! Here's the link: