Friday, May 22, 2015

Jenna 1.5

Age: One year and five months
Milestones:  Overhand throwing!  She's pretty good at it, we have a lot of fun passing the ball back and forth, either rolling or throwing.  None other than that, but we brought her to a park and she started climbing around all the equipment which felt like a milestone!
My Favorites: Her faces!! Every day she cracks me up with her reactions to everything around her.  The other day, we were trying to feed her carrots but she was not having it.  Jacob put some taco meat on top and mixed the carrots in to try and get her to eat worked for a little while but then she took a scoop with her spoon and only got a piece of carrot.  She stared at it, shook it off her spoon, and then TOTALLY stared me down with her eyes almost completely squinted and her mouth pursed up really small.  Her face sooo clearly said, "I can't believe you tricked me!! Don't. Do that. Ever. Again."  It was amazing.  I love her excited face too.  Although really, it's more of a whole body thing.  She gets total happy feet and she shakes her hands band and forth or pushes them under her chin.
Her Favorites: Rocking out in the car, putting keys in and out of locks, Frozen, her koalas ("kla-la"), taking naps, dancing around, snuggling up under blankets, FaceTiming with her cousin Asher, and coloring!  She really hasn't done that much of it...I had her draw with a pen in a card a couple of times, but that's it.  Still, she asks to color almost every day.  We definitely need to get her some crayons!  She also LOVES reading.  It's the first thing she does every morning and honestly how we spend most of our days.  At one point I was making dinner in the kitchen and things were suspiciously quiet in Jenna's room so I went in to peek at her...she just was reading.  She just sat quietly and read for a half hour.  It warmed my heart so much I actually got a little teary...I just really felt like she was such a kindred spirit.  
Surprises: How much her personality is coming out!!  She is so silly and loving and playful...she loves tickling us (a.k.a. saying "tickatickatickaticka" while putting her hand on our arm/leg/back/etc.,) she loves feeding me and making me drink water, she peeks around corners and under tables at us giggling the whole time, she picks all of the nuts off of banana nut muffins and says "ucky" each time, she imitates us if we're being silly, she pats her baby doll on the back and goes "shh shh shh shh," and she decisively greets everyone we pass in grocery stores and restaurants ("LELLO.")  She's such a little person!
Other Notable Moments: She's been clicking her tongue when she's really excited about something, like Jacob coming home or eating cottage cheese.  She also tried to change her own diaper.  Miss independence!
Looking Forward To: Her half birthday!  We decided to give her birthday presents on her half birthday instead of her real one since she was born so close to Christmas...we're getting her gymnastics lessons and some coloring books and I think a little Jenna-sized table for her to color at.  Either that or a little bookshelf because all her books are currently precariously stacked in a little basket.  I'm so excited!!!! It's going to be fun for mom AND baby!
"Mom, stop trying to turn everything into a photo op."
Look at that face!!

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