Sunday, May 31, 2015

20 Weeks

How far along? 20 weeks...the doctor said my baby is 13 oz and right on track growth-wise!
Maternity clothes? Not officially, although my regular t-shirts are starting to make me look really squat.  I really don't have that many cute summer clothes in general and then limiting things even more by being pregnant is starting to feel a liiiiiiittle rough.
Sleep:  Better!  I've been sleeping basically upright, which helps a lot with the congestion.  I did feel extra tired this week though after the Memorial Day flooding madness.  I still feel like I haven't fully caught up on sleep.
Best moment this week:  Getting to see Baby J!!  It just makes it all so much more real!  I don't know how much you can really tell this from an ultrasound, but I think she looks like Jenna!!

This one is Baby J at 20 weeks...
...and this is Jenna at 20 weeks. 
Don't you think they look alike??  I guess I haven't looked too closely at many other ultrasounds, but I feel like you can tell they're sisters!  And then there's this one of Baby J, which I DEFINITELY think looks like Jenna did as an infant:
Granted, it's just her nose and mouth, but STILL!
Miss Anything?  Nope.  We bought a bunch of yummy deli meats to make subs this week, but I toasted mine and they were sooo good!
Movement: Definitely!  I'm still feeling her really low, but maybe that's normal?  I have an OB appointment on Monday, so I'll ask.  I love that Jacob can feel her kicking too!

Food cravings: I've been eating bananas again, which is just a pregnant thing for me.  Mostly, I've just been wanting sweets but I'll have to try and eat more fruits and yogurt because somehow I don't think Oreos are great for the baby.
Anything making you queasy or sick: No, I've been feeling great!
Have you started to show yet: Yes...I'm not going to lie, I REALLY don't feel that cute this time around.  I started working out again this week because I definitely slacked off during my sleepy first trimester and then because the weather outside is so beastly.  (Ugh. Houston.)  Hopefully I'll feel a little better about myself after getting a few workout videos in every week!
Gender: Definitely a girl!  I have photo confirmation with a little arrow pointing towards her business and everything.  I feel like that's a little indecent and those ultrasound shots will never see the light of day.  You're welcome, Baby J.
Labor Signs: None
Belly Button in or out? A lot out, and I can push it all the way out really easily, which I do whenever Jacob is least expecting it lol
Wedding rings on or off? On!  Although sometimes I take it off for a little bit because my finger starts to feel a little hot and claustrophobic...
Happy or Moody most of the time:  I was an emotional wreck this week!  It all came to a head on Thursday, which just HAPPENED to be my last day of work and just HAPPENED to be Dan's last day of living with us.  Add to that being extra tired AND being stressed because I found out last minute that Jenna wasn't allowed to come with me to the ultrasound AND Jacob couldn't get off work AND oh yeah, being was rough.  I tried to keep it together because I didn't want to be the crazy crying pregnant lady but that ended up making me very morose and cranky.  I think my crowning moment was when Jacob and Dan were chatting in the kitchen about how they were sure we would see each other again soon for one thing or another and I very sullenly said, "Doubt it."  I gave myself a little bit of a time out after that.
Looking forward to: Visitors!!!  Our whole month of June is so jam-packed with fun and I can't WAIT!  Time has been moving sooooo slowly for me, so I can't believe it's almost finally here!!

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